Saturday Farmer's Market: August 28

It's actually been a good week fresh food wise. On Wednesday, my family and I went to a local farm to buy some veggies. We got quite a haul: peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, cukes, string beans and onions. Then we had to do something with all that stuff. My husband made pickles. He's been searching for the perfect Polish pickle recipe. We'll see how these ones fare after a couple of weeks. I made delicious potato leek soup. I froze some and ate the rest. We've been eating the other veggies at supper all week.

Today I picked up organic beets and blueberries at the Farmers' Market. I've grown some of my own beets but needed more to make pickled beets. I just finished jarring them. Whew! I love to eat them but they are so much work. My husband just made blueberry scones. I'm off to have some now!

Enjoy some flowers from my garden while you're here.


Black-Eyed Suzies


  1. I just love Black-Eyed Susans! They are so pretty. And the sunflower is gorgeous too! I really need to plant more flowers next year, I am totally jealous of your and Chris's flowers. And I could totally go for a blueberry scone right now, especially one I didn't have to make!

  2. Sounds fantastic! The tomatoes and basil have been so beautiful at our farmer's markets that they're showing up in everything I cook -- my kids are noticing the theme, and wondered if there tomato basil pudding for dessert! Love the blog!


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