Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Challenge Roundup & Other Stuff

Challenge Roundup for July is going to be pretty short because I read 0 books for challenges this month. Yep, 0. It's been a slow month reading wise.

However, the participants for the Daphne DuMaurier Challenge have been busy bees. Both The Reading Life and Every Book and Cranny read the suspenseful Rebecca and enjoyed it. Booksploring read Rule Britannia and admitted it didn't seem like duMaurier's best work while Terri B enjoyed the gothic elements of Jamaica Inn. Great job guys!

I hope I do a little better next month. I can't do much worse.


Last week I went on a literary holiday of sorts. The family and I took a little trip to Prince Edward Island. It was such a nice trip. The weather was perfect. We spent time on the sandy red beaches and visited Anne's house, Anne of Green Gables that is.

There I am, making myself at home in Green Gables. What you don't see are the hundreds of other people wandering around.

A very Anne-ish bedroom, complete with puffy sleeved dress.

I haven't been to PEI in well over a decade and I'd forgotten how pastoral it is. I love all the old farm houses and admit I got very excited when I saw a field of sheep. They were so cute! I wish I took a picture.

I'll post some more photos another time. Anyway, how did you spend your reading time this week?

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  1. I bet going to Anne's house was heavenly!

  2. You visited Anne's, but not Colleen's? *big pout* I'm, like, 15 minutes from Green Gables! And I own an old farmhouse! I would have put on puffed sleeves and served you raspberry cordial and everything. :P

    Glad you enjoyed my Island. :)

  3. What beautiful pictures! I'm so jealous, I always wanted to visit PEI after reading the Anne books. Glad you had a lovely trip!

    I spent most of my reading time this week slogging through a very dry and heavy non-fiction tome. I wanted to learn about the subject matter, but man, could that one have been done in a livelier manner. Must update blog, though!

  4. Kathy- It was!

    Colleen- Oops! Sorry Colleen.

    Stephanie- That's too bad. Hope you learned a lot though.

  5. I'd love to go to PEI sometime. I know several people who adore it. Thanks for the photos!

  6. I'd love to go to PEI sometime. I know several people who adore it. Thanks for the photos!

  7. Anne's room looks just like I imagined it from the book. I would love to visit PEI!


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