Don't Look Now: DVD

I watched Don't Look Now on DVD last year but since I'm hosting the Daphne du Maurier Challenge I decided to watch it again.

John (Donald Sutherland) and Laura Baxter (Julie Christie) are together in Venice after the drowning death of their daughter. John is restoring a church in the city and he takes Laura because 'she's not well.' One day they are having lunch when a blind psychic and her sister tell Laura her daughter Christine is happy and with them still. Laura wigs out but is comforted by this info. Christine has more to say; she has a warning for John. John wants nothing to do with all this "mumbo jumbo" and well, bad stuff happens.

Don't Look Now is based on du Maurier's short story of the same name which is much more subtle than the film. Movies from the 1970s always have a weird vibe. I don't know if it's the freaky music or strange cinematography but it just screams "this is a 70s movie!" the year I was born actually. It's artsy-fartsy. Another weird thing about the movie is a long awkward love scene. They're all elbows and knees. It's like watching a couple of praying mantes. Also don't wear your watch to bed; it's almost as sexy as wearing socks.

The movie keeps fairly close to the story with the exception of John's job. I think that just gives them a reason to hang out in creepy churches.

I loved Julie Christie's hair in the movie and she wears this pair of red boots that I want so bad. So yay for the costume and hair, nay on the weirdness.

This isn't a movie for everyone and it's definitely not a family film but I picked it up for $5 at Walmart so it is worth a look or two. Read the story first though.


  1. I am so excited to start the du Maurier challenge! I think I might start with Rebecca and jump from there, and I'm ready for it!

    I agree with you on the '70s movie thing -- why are they always so creepy!! I'll definitely wait to read the short story first, though!

  2. Glad to have you onboard! Rebecca is a great book to start with. It's the reason I'm a du Maurier junky.

  3. I have the short story but havent gotten around to reading it yet, for some reason I always put collections of short stories way down my TBR list.

    I do know what you mean about 70s movies.

  4. Jessica- I do the same with short stories but her stories are so worth reading.

  5. I've only ever read Rebecca by Du Maurier. I should pick up another one.

  6. I heard somewhere that that was real sex between Sutherland and Christie. Ew.

  7. I don't know why, but i am weirdly creeped out by '70's thrillers. i find something extra scary about them. A name like Don't Look Now doesn't look very promising. I think I would be up and thinking about just the titel alone.

  8. kenpen- She has a lot of great books besides Rebecca.

    Bybee- It is entirely possible... (yuck).

    Nicole- The 70s were a weird time for sure.


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