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If you have a blog and use Google Analytics, take a look at the "Keywords" section. There are some interesting search terms that come up. But anyway... Sometimes there are questions that people are looking for answers to and I wish I could reply to them! The only way to do that is answer them here.

First of all, if you are looking for free ebooks, unless they are in the public domain, you ain't going to find them here. If you really want new releases for free, check your library. Many libraries are now lending ebooks to patrons.

Ever since I did a review of my Aluratek Libre Pro ebook reader, I get a lot of people looking for Aluratek answers. Here's a couple:

*Where do you buy ebooks in Canada?

Okay, I haven't actually bought anything for mine yet since I've only downloaded a couple of free books so far. I did look at the Kobo (Chapters-Indigo) site. I would try there first. They also have free ebooks to download. Another one I thought about is Book Depository.

*Does Aluratek support newspapers?

No. Aluratek has no wi-fi, like the Kindle, so you can't get the paper sent to it.

*How do I download (free) ebooks to my Aluratek Libre?

Refer to diagram.

First, download Adobe Digital Editions free software. It's the easiest way to save your books. Download the book in the format you prefer (remember where you saved it- I never do). Open Adobe, and open "Library" (circled in blue) at the top. Click "add item to library" and find your file. Open. It should be saved to library now. Plug in Libre with your USB cable and turn it on. You'll find Libre under "Bookshelves" (circled in red). Drag your book to the Libre (yellow arrow). It will save it to the device. Now you can unplug it. This works for all ebooks- free or not.

And I love the person who asked this next question:

*Would Rory Gilmore use a Kindle?

Oh, good question! I asked people on Twitter what they thought and they think Rory loves paper books too much to use a Kindle. I'm inclined to agree. She seems like a paper book girl. And a book sniffer! However, she did carry a lot of books around in her backpack. Maybe she would like the convenience of having all her books in a more portable format. It's a little easier on the back.

What do you think? Would Rory use a Kindle? Maybe this video will help you decide.

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  1. Squeeee! Oh my. I love that video. Can I 'steal' it?! And yes the search enging key words are funny. I wrote a post about it a while back.

  2. Lately I've found Kobo to be the best place to buy e-books in Canada, in terms of selection at least. I used to also buy them from the Sony ebook store (I have a Sony Reader) and the Kindle Store (Kindle for iPhone) but with all the e-book bruhaha with publishers and sellers going on in the US a lot of books are currently unavailable through them in Canada. Even books that I bought months ago I could not purchase right now (I can still access them b/c I bought them but would't be able to buy them right now).

  3. I love this post! I think I'll try this with my own Google Analytics!

  4. BAHAHA! That last question made my day. I fancy myself to be Rory Gilmore, and for a long time I too couldn't give up my paper books...but the pragmatist in my won out in the end. There's no sense lugging around hundreds of pounds worth of books and trying to cram YET ANOTHER bookshelf into my house. I think Rory would agree. Eventually. LOL!

  5. I love that clip of Gilmore Girls. It sums up why I love the show.

  6. Yikes, might be answering this twice... sorry if that's the case.

    I think Rory would struggle with getting a Kindle, but it would be incredibly practical (considering the job she was taking at the end of the series). She would need to be able to pack light and still bring her books! :) I could see her using it if someone got it for her as a gift.

  7. Embejo- Sure! It's just something I found on Youtube.

    Sassymonkey- Yes, I figured it's safe to use a Canadian company. They aren't going to have what they can't sell.

    Andi- Good luck!

    Bookish- It is a very practical device.

    Avid- I miss that show so much!

    Unputdownables- I could see Lorilei buying it for her. Her mom always did look out for her.


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