Saturday Farmer's Market: July 31

Going away hasn't slowed my vegetable garden down any. Things are still growing in there. The earwigs are awful though. They've made a mess of my greens.

What's that? It's a purple bean! My first one! They turn green when you cook them though. I wish they didn't.

The carrot tops are looking good. Hopefully the roots are just as nice. Nice greenery though.

Possibly the most expensive pepper ever grown. One pepper on a $3 plant. Good thing I'm not looking to sell it.

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a purple bean. Maybe I've eaten one and didn't even know it.

  2. I saw purple beans at Whole Foods today and almost bought some!! They look really cool :D And hey, at least you got one pepper :p I haven't gotten any...I finally had one on the plant and the damn thing went all mushy on me because of the heat :(

  3. Oh wow...I love that purple bean! I've never seen them before. Like you, I think it would be cool if they stayed purple though. Mmmm...and your pepper looks so good--bet it will be worth $3! :D

  4. I had a very expensive tomato a couple of years ago like that. I got one tomato off of two bushes because the birds kept getting in and then we had such a hot stretch that the rest died.

  5. gardening for me always turns out to be waaaay more expensive than just buying produce from our local farmer's market. i detest weeding and watering and just can't seem to get it together.

    nice job on your little garden, though! enjoy that pepper before the bunnies and deer get to it.


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