Saturday Farmer's Market: July 17

Heather from Tales of a Capricious Reader has started a new feature, Saturday's Farmer's Market. Since I guess you could call me a mini-urban farmer, I thought I'd show you how my garden grows.

I've been waging a War on Slugs, unfortunately they have new allies, the earwigs. Still, I keep calm and carry on.

The 2 peppers I have are about half an inch long. I hope they get bigger. The snow peas are almost finished but the tomatoes are just starting.

And yesterday I went to a strawberry U-Pick at picked tons of strawberries. I have lots of plans for them!

You get anything yummy this week?

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  1. What a great post! I'm excited because we just got the first cucumber out of our garden! Yay! Tonight with grilled burgers and baked beans I will make a cucumber salad.... can't wait!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for joining in! Your strawberries look so yummy. Ours died off months ago, I'm glad I made so much jam so we can still enjoy them! Your peppers are gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow! Your garden looks so fantastic Other Chris :D I've finally got my first Bell Pepper starting to grow! Everything in your garden looks so healthy and beautiful :) I can totally sympathize with the slug problem though :( They've been eating the heck out of my sunflowers! And everytime I put out beer traps it rains and floods away the beer :(

    Those strawberries are gorgeous! Any idea what you're going to do with them?

  4. "A mini-urban farmer"--I love that description! Everything looks so wonderful! I don't even like strawberries (I know, I'm a freak), but that picture is just what are your plans for them?

  5. Woohoo! Glad you're joining in, Chris. My sweet bell peppers are TINY. They get about 2-3 inches long and stop growing or rot on the vine. I've given up and started picking them small and use them in omelettes or whatever. They're tasty...just tiny!

    Everything looks beautiful! Have you set beer traps for your slugs?

  6. Jeanne- I wish I had more room for cucumbers. Enjoy!

    Heather- I got to make more jam. I made a few jars already but need to do more.

    Chris & Debi- Jam. Lots of jam and shortcake and cake and cupcakes. I might have to freeze some too.

    Andi- I tried peppers last year and didn't even get flowers so this is a step up! I did put some beer traps out and caught a few but they keep coming back.

  7. Yummy! Have you tried using beer to lure your slugs? We used to put little tubs of it in the ground and the slugs would crawl in it and drown.

  8. Mmmmm...strawberry cupcakes..*drools*


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