This Old Thing? Roughing It In the Bush

Roughing It In the Bush by Susanna Moodie is not a camping manual. It's part memoir, part novel of an immigrant's experience coming to Canada in the 19th century. The cover screams University Required Reading and someone did lots of underlining inside.

I'd love to read this one since I had many ancestors immigrating to the same area of Canada at the time that Susanna did. No doubt they had similar experiences. The only thing is it's quite long but for $2 at the library sale, it can hang out on the shelves for a little while.

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  1. Ooh, yeah. Horrible horrible cover, but the content sounds interesting.

  2. I just added to my TBR and I saw on Goodreads that it has been published with many different covers.

    I also noticed that my library has several copies. There is a CD sound recording of it as well but it must be the ultra abridged version since it is only one disk. LOL!

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It sounds really good!


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