Lazy Sunday Thoughts on Blogging Business

My run is today but I hope to be lazy for the rest of the day. I'll probably be on the couch with an ice pack.

During Armchair BEA, I had a chance to post my own and read other people's thoughts on blogging and the business of blogging. I've had interesting conversations with them here and on Twitter about branding. Michelle is even changing her blog in an effort to brand herself. She's changing her blog name, design and everything. It's a big job but I'm excited to see what she's going to come up with.

If you've got any big plans for your blog, you can carve out some time for Bloggiesta to do it. I did quite a lot during Bloggiesta last time. I don't have a lot on my agenda this time around so I'm debating whether or not to join. There is one thing I've been thinking of doing: changing my blog title.

I've had book-a-rama as my title since 2007. Since then I've discovered several online stores using bookarama somewhere in their name. I even found a blog post from a guy saying not so flattering things about a 'bookarama' (not me). I'm fairly established as Chrisbookarama online so I was thinking of making book-a-rama into Chrisbookarama. Just to differentiate myself from the rest.

The issue is I don't know how this effects technical thingamajigs like Feeds, Rakings, etc. I did a search and found very little info on that.

Just for kicks, what's your take in me changing my blog title?

In other news, in an effort to makes some moneys I signed up for a couple of affiliate programs (in the sidebar). I'll tell you why I chose the ones I did.
  • Book Depository: I haven't tried it yet but I will soon. I love the idea of free shipping worldwide. When I order online, it often costs more to ship than I paid for the item. Canada has ridiculous rates. Don't get me started!
  • eHarlequin: I have fond memories of Harlequin. When I was a kid, my mom belonged to the Harlequin books of the month club. We always had tons of them around the house and my mom always had one in her hand. I wanted to be a reader just like her. Plus, they are a Canadian company and have started the writing careers of women all around the world. Yay Harlequin!
  • I've been a customer of BookCloseouts for years now. It's like the of books. You can get great bargains on books. They have a great classic books section and I've gotten many of my book club reads from them.
So if you feel the pressing need to buy some books, you can use my conveniently placed buttons to do your shopping.

I have no idea if these will work any better than Amazon which has made me $0 in actual cash in my pocket thus far.

Anyone else try these programs? Do they work for you?

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    1. I've made a little money from amazon, but only because of family and friends. I do try to buy through other bloggers sites when I make online purchases.

    2. I don't have an affiliate programme so I cannot help you with that. I think that is Chrisbookarama makes you feel more set apart from the other book-a-rama's out there, I would change the name. (Being new to your blog, I always kind of assumed it was called that way).

    3. chrisbookarama sounds great.

    4. I've had zero luck with affiliate programs. I've been an Amazonian and a Powells affiliate.

      As for branding, I don't think any other Estella's Revenges have popped up. They better not have, anyway!

    5. I'm no Twain, but I do write about a rural place in a past time, so I'm excited to hear about his autobiography coming out--to me this upcoming book is a major, major story, but yours is the first blog I've seen to cover it! Thanks.

    6. I don't do affiliate programs because I don't think that you really make any money out of them, but I do shop at Bookdepository quite regularly and really like using them. If I remember I will try and buy through you some times.

    7. I like Chrisbookarama. I also like bookarama of course.

      I am an Amazon associate. I get Amazon Credit every ten dollars earned. I took me a year and a half to get that first ten dollars. lol! I use it for the book covers.

    8. You and I have discussed this before. If you buy your domain name through Blogger, they will automatically forward people to your new address. You will have to update your feed reader *I think*, but will definitely have to make changes to your Analytics. It's actually very painless and does not take more than a day or two to get everything up and running.

      If it's idea that you just can't shake, to me, that's a sign that you are unsatisfied. My suggestion is that you just bite the bullet and go for it. The pain will be worth it in the end!


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