Challenge Roundup for May and a Daphne Update

Looking at May, it seems as if I didn't read that many books but I actually finished a couple of challenges.

First up, The 3rd Canadian Books Challenge is complete and with a month to spare! That's a first for me. The 1st one I didn't finish and the 2nd I scrambled to the finish with a couple of kids' books.
  1. The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning
  2. The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag by Alan Bradley
  3. The Last River Child by Lori Ann Bloomfield
  4. Fish for Dinner by Paul O'Neill
  5. The New Moon's Arm by Nalo Hopkinson
  6. I Never Liked You by Chester Brown
  7. Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail
  8. Generation A by Douglas Coupland
  9. Louis Reil by Chester Brown
  10. Kaspar by Diane Obomsawin
  11. The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood
  12. Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley
  13. Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda by Margaret Atwood
Overall, I read 3 graphic novels and one children's book. A gardening book and an illustrated book of fairy tales. 7 of the books were new releases. One had been a selection for Canada Reads. A nice variety of Canadian books.

I also finished the All About the Brontes Challenge by the skin of my teeth:
  1. The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell
  2. Jane Eyre Graphic Novel
  3. Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte
  4. Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier
I completed Nymeth's 1930's Mini-challenge with The Brontes Went to Woolworth and Julie's EW Summer Books Challenge with The Passage by Justin Cronin.

I read nothing for the Women Unbound Challenge in May. I'll think about that later.

In my own Daphne du Maurier Challenge, I made a good start with Captivated and Jamaica Inn. The other participants are starting their books too. There are already a few links to reviews on the Daphne du Maurier Challenge Review blog. Literary Stew and Park Benches and Bookends both read Rebecca while Booksploring reviewed the little known Julius.

If you'd still like to join, please do so.

So that was my May in review, how was yours?

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  1. You had a better reading month than I did. I still have to decide what to read for Nymeth's 1930's challenge, I'd like to read The Brontes Went to Woolworth for it though.


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