Bloggiesta: Day Three

Day Two of Bloggiesta wasn't as productive as Day One. The weather was so sunny and warm I just couldn't stay inside in front of a computer. Instead, I spent some time with my family outside. I did spend the evening working on some blog posts.

I started working on my BBAW registration post. I think I have my 3 best review posts for the past year but can't decide on my 2 miscellaneous posts. Do I want to pick an opinion post with lots of comments? A post unrelated to books? I'm not sure. Not that it matters, I don't think I have much of a chance against so many other great bloggers.

And what niche am I? Eclectic? I think so because I read a lot of different genres. What do you think?

For before the end of Bloggiesta, I want to finish that post plus a couple of others and do some more blog cleaning.

Depending on how the day goes. ;)

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  1. Today's my day for not getting as much Bloggiesta stuff done. Jim should be home any minute, and after being gone all week (and the fact that today is our anniversary), I think it would behoove me to turn off the computer for the rest of the day!

    Good luck getting everything done everything you hope to accomplish!

  2. I SO need to participate in Bloggiesta but like you have a tough time when the weather is so nice outside!

    I'd say you're eccletic. It surprises me that there's not a classics genre for BBAW--if there were I might stick you there as I know I can always count on your blog for great reviews of classics.

  3. It was FREEZING here yesterday. And I have the heat on again here. I'm jealous of your warm weather!


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