Young Victoria for Victoria Day

I thought it was fitting to review the film Young Victoria on this Victoria Day. We celebrate that holiday here in Canada. It's known as May 2-4 (beer comes in a "2-4", that is 2 dozen cases) around here.

Alrighty. Young Victoria stars Emily Blunt as, well, young Victoria. She's supposedly 18ish in the movie. The movie focuses on the first years of her reign and her romance with Prince Albert (Rupert Friend). It also stars my favorite Paul Bettany as Lord Melbourne. I thought this was a good one to watch sans husband since it looked quite girly. And it was.

Victoria is lonely and bullied by her Mom and 'advisor' Sir John Conroy played by Mark Strong. (He also played Lord Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes. He knows how to play the baddy well.) Victoria is pretty miserable but sticks to her guns. She will be Queen and have her own way. And then she does. In the meantime, Albert comes a courtin' but finds he's getting blocked by Lord Melbourne. Will he win her hand?

Spoiler alert, he does and they have 9 kids together. The End.

I enjoyed Young Victoria though I had a hard time thinking of The Queen as young and so in love. Those Victorians were so uptight, right? Albert was so cool next to all her bluster. I loved him, especially during their "fight" scene. I thought that was so funny. I wasn't so in love with Emily Blunt but that's okay.

The costumes and the scenery were amazing. It's worth watching just for that. And Paul Bettany.


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  1. Yeay! I just watched this this weekend as well. How fun that it was in honor of Victoria and I didn't even know it. (I'm in Chicago, where it is NOT a holiday.)

    I just loved this movie just because I'm fascinated by Victoria. I have much to learn.

  2. I enjoyed watching this movie, but it's been a while since I've seen it. I couldn't help but compare it to "The Duchess" and "Marie Antoinette", although I really disliked the latter. I had a hard time picturing Victoria as a young girl at first too. I always imagine her as an older women.

  3. I just watched this one this weekend too and loved it! But it felt too short. I wanted more. I wanted more romance-y stuff too, but oh, well. Loved the guy that played Albert. I made me want to learn more about Victoria's life. She sounds fascinating.

  4. Sounds like a fun film and I would love to see it. I know that everyone was young once, but I find it hard to imagine Queen Victoria as anything other than an elderly grumpy mound of black skirts - but then I guess that it was because Albert died that she spent most of her reign in that condition...

    Thank you for a lovely review and hope you had a great Victoria Day


  5. I have this out from the library at the moment. Hopefully I will get to watch it before the due date!


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