Challenge Roundup for April

Not such a great challenge reading month. Challenge joining month on the other hand...

Just because I wanted to, I started my own challenge: The Daphne du Maurier Challenge.
I decided to do the Dame Daphne category.
  • Jamaica Inn
  • Captivated by Piers Dudgeon
  • The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte
  • Don't Look Now (film)
I might read more, if I can cram them in.

I also joined Nymeth's 1930s Mini Challenge and Julie's EW Summer Books.

So now for the challenges I need to finish.

I'm close to completing The 3rd Canadian Books Challenge. Just one book left to go.

I made no progress on the All About the Brontes Challenge or the Women Unbound Challenge this month. I tried to read The Blythes Are Quoted for Women Unbound but ugh... I couldn't keep reading it. I got to the story about the old lady who chases some guy around her house with a knife and that was enough for me. I might come back to it but not anytime soon.

So that was my April? How was yours?


  1. After seeing the movie REBECCA last week, I finally decided I needed to read the book so I picked it up. My daughter is also interested, so we'll be tackling it together. I can't believe I've never read it!

  2. I read #13 and #14 in the book challenge in April.

  3. I had a pretty good reading month challenge wise! There's a couple that I am going to have to give up on in due course though!


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