Weekly Geeks: Library Love

I'm participating in Weekly Geeks this week! Look at that! It's been awhile.

This week Terri asks:

What's your earliest memory of a library? What was it like for you? Were you more likely to hang out in the gym or the library when you were in school?

How's the health of the library system in your community? How do you support your local library? How often do you check out books from the library vs. buying books?

I spend a lot of time in the library, checking out books for both me and my daughter. Considering how busy the library is in our town, I'd say the library system is doing well. I've been able to find most of the books I've been looking for somewhere within the library system. I've been able to take out not only books but movies and audiobooks. There are no ebook rentals yet but I'm told they're coming.

Recently, the children's section was renovated and it's looks quite nice. The building itself is now 50 years old. You can learn about the history of the library in my area on the website.

In my old town, the library was much smaller, and the town much smaller too. I remember going there Saturdays with my family; my Mom was a bookaholic too. I took out so many books every time! I'm sure I read everything they had.The same librarians I knew as a kid are still there now and they knew me by name. Even though the library in my new town is larger, the librarians are getting to know my daughter the same way. I hope her memories of the library will all be as pleasant as mine are.

Just last week, our library participated on Books2Eat. My daughter and I went to check out the cakes and join the festivities. She took a couple of pics. Here's the Hansel & Gretel cake. I think she took a pretty good photo!

I hope the library in my community continues to grow!


  1. I love my library!

  2. Our library is brand new and while I love the expanded collection I do sometimes miss the older building. My post is href="http://www.pussreboots.pair.com/blog/2010/comments_04/wg_checking_out_the_libraries.html" target="_blank">here.

  3. Our library system seems to be doing fine, too, but I don't use it much. I love the picture your daughter took.

  4. I'm going to be nice this week and refrain from bashing my library system. Glad you have a good one!


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