Spring Brings Ants... in My Pants

April is the cruelest month. It is here anyway. One minute you're blinding people with the glare off your white legs in your shorty-shorts, the next you're wondering where you put your parka. Yep, April is a real SOB that way.

Ever since the snow melted last month, I've had that familiar antsy feeling of wanting to make something grow. I could bang on the garden centre doors with zombie-like persistence ("plaaaants") but they won't open until May. Since April's unpredictability makes it hard to know what to plant outdoors when, it's a gamble to start sowing the outdoor vegetable garden. So instead, I started a little indoor project.

Grow Great Grub gave me the idea to grow windowsill gardens. There's a variety of things you can grow but I went with lettuce and radish sprouts.

At first, I had my doubts about the lettuce; it looked rather sad. But after moving it to a different window, it perked up and I've been able to pick a few leaves.

 radish sprouts

The radishes, on the other hand, are idiot proof. Some dirt in a plastic container, radish seeds, water and sun, and you got yourself some tasty radish sprouts in about a week. They're a nice addition to a salad or sandwich.

Got any garden pics to share? I'd love to see them. Springify me!

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  1. Oh, I'm trying to grow my own basil and some other spices, but they're nowehere near as grown as yours. Mine look like sad little dots of green right now. I never thought of growing radishes? Is it really that simple?

  2. Good for you! Maybe I could grow radishes, since I'm an idiot when it comes to plants.

  3. Bookfool, aka NancyMay 6, 2010 at 9:12 AM

    I used to grow radishes when I was a kid because they were so easy! I hate radishes, but I liked watching them grow and plucking them for my parents' salads. :) We're already well into planting season -- in fact, it'll be ending just as your garden stores are opening. But, I haven't felt much like planting. I need to get on my horse. I've got some flowers on the porch and just need to get digging.

  4. My son started a "puck" of basil from an Ikea planter ... and we have a few dozen tiny basil plants to show for it. Now I have to figure out how to thin them (won't be able to go outside for another 3 weeks). Enjoy your windowsill garden!

  5. Although I haven't blinded anyone with my super (duper) white legs, I'm sure it will happen in the future. Good luck with the gardening!

    Thanks for visiting, Lydia @ The Literary Lollipop

  6. I'm planning to show you my rhubarb seedling soon. Sadly growing melons didn't work out, even though the packet said it would :(

  7. You are smart to wait rather than be bitten by April's warm weather teaser. As I drive by the garden centers and see people walking out with carts full of hot weather plants, I think, "Risky, risky" It is very hard not to run out and buy a bunch of stuff at the first sign of warmth though. I've been settling the ants in my pants by weeding, preparing the soil, and reading a few gardening books. Happy gardening!

  8. I just posted garden pics on my other blog athref="http://muse2323.blogspot.com!" target="_blank">http://muse2323.blogspot.com! I am, even as I type, bugging my husband to go out & get my uncovered tomato sprouts, 'cause it's awfully cold tonight. The seedlings in the cold frame will be fine, but the rest of them--well, I'd hate to lose my best-looking plants to a late frost.


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