Read-a-thon: In the Midnight Hour

"After midnight, were gonna let it all hang down."

I don't know how much hanging down I'll be doing's after midnight here and I just finished the graphic novel version of Fahrenheit 451. "It was a pleasure to burn." Good stuff. I also managed to walk on the treadmill while listening to The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde. It didn't thrill me but the guy reading it had a soothing British voice. Like a warm cup of tea. Ahhh... I liked how he said "phantasmal."


Brideshead Revisited- 32 pgs
Forest of Hands and Teeth- 308 pgs
The Canterville Ghost (audio)- Finished
Somewhere a Band Is Playing- 113 pgs
Me Talk Pretty Someday- 60 pgs
Fahrenheit 451 (graphic novel)- 149 pgs

Total: 637 pgs

Snacks: Husband made cinnamon rolls!

Attitude: Sleepy

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  1. A husband who makes cinnamon rolls--that's awesome!

  2. You're doing a great job! The cinnamon rolls sound yummy. :)

  3. "How did it get so late so soon? It's night before its afternoon" ~Dr. Seuss

    Oh, how I realize in this late hour it's getting tough so I'll offer you energy for those tired eyes. :) You've done well so I hope you feel refreshed! Plus, The fact that you're awake speaks volumes! Way to be reading!


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