A Place for Frogs by Melissa Stewart: Review

The little frogs near my house have started their singing recently so it's the perfect time to review A Place for Frogs by Melissa Stewart. A Place for Frogs is a beautiful picture book which explains some of the obstacles frogs of North and Central America have to children. They learn how the actions of humans affect these little creatures.

I'm a sucker for frogs with their cute bulging eyes so I really enjoyed A Place for Frogs. I read this one to my daughter who liked it as well. The text can be easily understood by school aged children and the illustrations by Higgins Bond are bright and lifelike. My girl was the most excited by the map at the back of the book. She liked seeing where the frogs lived and was happy to see that some of them live in our area.

My only gripe was that some of the text is repetitive but overall it's a fun educational read.


Now for a gratuitous frog photo:

I took this one last October when I found him (her?) hanging out on the side of my garage.

Thanks to Peachtree Publishers for the review copy.

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  1. We heard frogs the other day as we were going into Sears. Very loud! The kids didn't realize it was frogs making all that noise.

  2. I'm right there with ya on the frog front. Love 'em! So cuuute, and I like the looks of the illustrations in this one.

  3. There are two ponds in our neighborhood and we're one of 3 house between them, so we have tons of frogs. You'd be surprised at the noise they make this time of year. I should read this book!

  4. The gratuitous frog photo reminded me of the brightly covered frogs in the CD liner notes of Silverchair's Frogstomp album in the early 90s. The only good thing about that album, if memory serves.

  5. Bookfool, aka NancyMay 18, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    I like your frog pic! I just twitpic'd a tree frog I snapped over the weekend, today. He's so cute! Frogs are fun.


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