Earth Day Fest Begins!

Welcome to Earth Day Fest (April 11-22)! I little Earth celebration on my blog. You can join in too! See this post to find out how. Many of my posts during the next eleven days will be Earth Day related.

Here's a few links to start the week and get you inspired.

Last year, I read several Earth Day related books for my Eco Reading Challenge. Maybe you'd like to add them to your reading list:

I read these after the challenge:
Any Eco reads you'd like to share?

Maybe you'd like to watch some TV instead.

I've been obsessed with this show from the UK, The Wild Gourmets (airs on Food Network Canada). Thomasina and Guy are a couple who live off the land with style. Whatever they find they either turn into gourmet meals or trade for supplies. It's amazing what's out there to eat! Be warned though- they do hunt and it can get graphic.

100 Mile Challenge is another show from the Food Network. This one is a reality show featuring 6 families from Mission, BC. It's a bit unfair because the families, unlike Barbara Kingsolver's family, are unprepared for this challenge. I guess that makes good TV.

Totally cute DVD of Disney Nature's Earth which my girl loved. Okay, so it was Disneyfied, but there were some tense moments. Still, who doesn't love a baby duck?! Disney's Oceans opens on Earth Day 2010.

Or maybe you're searching the web for something green to look at:

Eco Stylish Blog gives tips on greener living as well as sells ecological friendly products.

One Million Acts of Green says that the small things do make a difference.

Want to garden? Or just look at pretty pictures of someone else's? Visit You Grow Girl.

So that's my kick off post! If you've posted something for Earth Day Fest, please leave a link!

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