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There's a trend in publishing that is starting to bug me. Blogs into books. It's kinda of like when reality shows were new. First, there was one or two and before you knew it every second program was a reality show. Does every popular blog have to become a book? Can't we just enjoy a blog as a blog?

It's not sour grapes because I do not believe my blog could ever be a book and that's okay with me. I actually love some of these blogs but I'm never going to buy the book. They are funny and entertaining. I just don't understand this jump to make blogs into books.And to be clear there are bloggers who write beautifully or are experts in their field and have information to share. I have no problem with their book deals. They just had an undiscovered talent. But if I decided I was going to photograph my dryer's lint trap leavings for a year and blog about it, should I get a book deal? It's especially irksome when I think of all the struggling authors out there writing spectacular prose getting passed over because the publisher resources went to the Lint Trap Blog book.

Also if you've done something for a year (like mooching gym passes), should you write a book about it? Just because you've done something for a year doesn't make it interesting enough to be a book.Who is buying these books? Is it you? (points finger at screen)

Anyway, I'm off the photograph my lint. Stay tuned.

Do you have a recent trend (book or not) that bugs you?


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