Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll: Review

With all the Alice in Wonderland talk as of late, I decided to read the original by Lewis Carroll. I chose to listen to it via audiobook while I was doing other things around the house. There are several free online versions so it's not hard to find.

If you don't know, and I think you do, Alice falls down a rabbit hole and encounters many strange creatures. The story is of her adventures there and how she interacts with those creatures. It's pretty weird. I read the tea party part to my daughter and she said, "What are they talking about?" which is about how I felt as I listened to it. It was especially disconcerting to hear a grown woman singing a nonsense song in a silly voice.

So, I don't know. It's a silly story full of nonsense and some clever word play. I thought some of it was fun and sympathized with Alice. What a crazy place to end up.

I became interested in Alice in Wonderland recently after reading Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin (click for my thoughts). Benjamin tells the story of the real Alice, Alice Liddell, and her relationship with Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). I recommend reading it.

Of course, there are numerous films adaptations. I remember the Disney version from my childhood and now there is the Tim Burton version, which I plan on seeing. But one of my favorite versions, believe it or not, my daughter got free in a box of cereal! It's from 1999 and has some pretty big stars in it. Take a look at the trailer:

I don't know how I couldn't recommend this classic story. Just know that it's totally ridiculous.


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