Weekly Geeks: Commenting on Comments


Commenting has been on my mind lately, which is why I chose the topic for this week's Weekly Geeks. You may have noticed that I've installed Intense Debate as for my blog. Back when I participated in Bloggiesta, I began looking into a new system for comments. I looked at a few but ended up chickening out. Then a few other bloggers installed Intense Debate and I decided to take the plunge. I'm crossing my fingers that people will like it and use it.

Spam has been an awful problem for me the last month. Every night I'd go to bed with an empty inbox and wake up to a dozen messages- all of them spam. It's disheartening to see all those comments and realize they aren't legitimate commenters. And some of them are just bizarre or head-scratching. As much as I hate word verification, I had to enable it. I'm not the only blogger frustrated with spammers. Heather from The Library Ladder wrote a letter to her spammer this past week.

Other than spam, I haven't had many problems with commenters. Everyone who comments is polite, even when disagreeing. The couple of authors who've visited my blog have left lovely comments. So far all my experiences there have been positive (knock on wood).

I try to reply to my comments here on my blog. I'm much better at replying on the day I published the post. I tend to get lazy after that. I apologize for that. 

If you have any comments on my commenting system, please comment!