Valentine Cookies

For my daughter's class Valentine party, we made some sugar cookies. I used this recipe from Intimate Weddings. I don't like shortening so I doubled the butter. It might have made them spread out more.

After mixing up my icing recipe (mix butter, icing sugar and water until it resembles icing), my daughter decorated them. Smarties, pink sprinkles and dragees from my pantry helped make them look Valentine-ish.


  1. What fun! I've never had much success with cookies you have to roll out like that.

  2. Oh how sweet those cookies look! Yes the butter would add to spreading but help the flavor.

    I'll go check out the recipe.

  3. Hi!
    They look like great cookies and yummy! Love all the decorations on them. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. Cute! Your daughter did a great job decorating them too :)

    Haven't made this kind of cookies in a long, long time. We call them 'sand cookies' in Holland, probably because of their texture ;)

  5. very sweet...and no doubt sweet.

  6. Those look yummy!!! I could definitely eat a few right now.

  7. Oh, yummo! I usually use milk for my frosting. Have I been doing it wrong?

  8. We didn't manage to make any cookies like this this year. And now I'm sad.... BUT it's probably a good thing because I would have done most of the eating of them.


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