I Never Liked You by Chester Brown: Review

After reading Chester Brown's Louis Riel, I decided to give another of his graphic novels a try. I Never Liked You has a completely different tone as it's an autobiography of Brown's teen years in Quebec.

In the book, Chester deals with bullying from kids because he doesn't swear (though Chester the author has no problem writing swears about a million times), girls and his mother's mental illness. Chester has a number of female friends but only a couple he'd like to see naked. Still, he's awkward and even after he blurts out "I love you" to one of them, he can't get it together to form a kind of relationship with the girl. Then there's the wide eyed girl next door, oh dear lord, I think that was my doppelganger. Sad, sad girl.

If you've ever been a teenager I Never Liked You will make you squirm in sympathy. It's all angsty and awkward. No wonder I never understood boys in high school, they didn't even understand themselves.

Even though it's not an uplifting story, the upside is Brown survived it, like we all did.


Thank you local library.


  1. I doubt very much that Chester Brown represented the typical high school male!

    I haven't read this one yet. Like you, I was crazy about Louis Riel, but I didn't like a book of his shorts entitled Little Man.

  2. I really like the cover, so I think based on that, I'd like the pictures inside, too! Great review. I remember that angst :-)

  3. It's so sad that bullying continues to be a problem, isn't it. This sounds great!

  4. Hmm, this sounds quite good. I'll have to add it to my list!

  5. John- Riel is much better, in my opinion but this is still good.

    Aarti- He's definitely a good artist.

    Kathy- Yes, and that's what makes it so squirmy.

    Lesley- Please do!

  6. You could not pay me enough to re-live high school! That said, this does sound really good. Thanks for the review.

  7. Teddy- Me neither! What a painful time of life.


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