Fun February: Blog Luv Fest

Since Valentine's Day is in 2 weeks, let's have some fun!

I'm not a big Valentine's Day person. A card and some chocolate is enough for me. And someone else cooking for a night- but I'd use any excuse for that. Now that I'm a Mom, Valentine's Day has turned into another one of those holidays for kids. I help the girl with her Valentines and make cupcakes for her class. It's not so much about romance anymore. That doesn't mean we can't have fun with the day.

Over the next 2 weeks, I'll be posting special posts for Valentine's Day. Would you like to join me?

You can participate as much or as little as you'd like from February 1-14. Here are some ideas for posts:
  • Reviews of books or movies with a romantic or love theme
  • Valentine crafts
  • Valentine photos
  • lists of favorite love-themed books or movies (people love lists!)
  • love letters to your significant other, child, pet, etc
  • poems
  • a special romantic recipe
Get creative and come up with your own ideas! Then come back to this post or any post on book-a-rama featuring this button and leave a link to that post. Also please link to this post so everyone can find their way back here.

Feel free to use this button.

On Sunday February 7 and 14 (Valentine's Day, in case you didn't know), I'll post a Roundup of all those Valentine's related posts.

I hope you'll join me for the Blog Luv Fest. February is a blah month and I think everyone feels a little shack happy during the winter. Even if it's summer for you. 

Please post about this on your blog, Twitter, etc if you choose to join, or even if you don't :).

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  1. My whole month of feb is going to be about dystopias. Except on the 14th - I will write a love letter to my signed books aquired since last Valentine's day.

  2. Lenore- I hope you come back and see what we come up with. And feel free to leave your Valentine post link here.

  3. Wonderful! I'm actually doing a 2 week love fest at my blog called Literary Love which will include a poll to decide the favorite literary couple. I'll have to check back here for lots more fun Valentines stuff.

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  5. Yes! Count me in. This sounds like such fun - I'll try to write up a few things and will let you know :)

  6. I have a fun post about Valentine's picture books coming up. Let the Luv Fest begin!

  7. Great idea here! I was thinking of doing a themed book list on this anyway. I'll link up to this. Thanks!

  8. Oooh! I love it. I am doing an Anti-Valentine's Day Theme for the Book List Meme next week. Just for a change from all of the V-day romance overload. :) But I will participate in this, too. I like that I don't have to post everyday. That rocks. I hope you come over and see what I come up with!

  9. Sounds like a good idea! Rebecca made me aware of this.

  10. What a wonderful idea! I did a recipe post and have some reviews planned as well!


  11. Thanks for joining guys!

    Emma- They look delicious!

  12. I'm going to start by reading the classic love story Pride and Prejudice!

  13. I wrote a post in honor of my love of Say Anything with a link to Blog Luv Fest of course!

    I love the idea of Blog Luv Fest!

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  15. Posted a Blog Luv Fest review:

    Also hope you all will enter into my contest:

  16. Here's my contribution to the fest!

  17. Nice idea.
    I posted some favorite films about love.

    May do others later in week.

  18. A list of books that (in my opinion) have great love stories:


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