Challenge Roundup for December 2009

Apparently I forgot to do this last month. Oopsy. Don't be mad at me.

It's a new year and so many challenges are ending and starting up. How did you do? Did you meet your goals? Have you joined any new challenges?

I'm puttering along. I'm not feeling the pressure just yet. If I haven't starting reading my challenge books, I do have a plan for reading them.

The 3rd Canadian Books Challenge hasn't got me stressed yet. I've read 5 books so far which is better than the last few years. Hopefully, I won't be scrambling come June to get them all read.

The All About the Brontes Challenge starts today and I already have a book read! I read The Life of Charlotte Bronte early for The Classics Circuit so I'm counting that one. I have a bunch of books waiting for that one.

The Life of Charlotte Bronte also counts toward The Women Unbound Challenge. I've also starting reading The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton. It's really good so far.

I just signed up for The Graphic Novels Challenge for the first time ever. I'm excited about this one even though I haven't made a list. I did request Jane Eyre from the library though. Yay!

I also put my hat in the Rory Gilmore Project but I haven't anything with it. Since it's ongoing I won't worry too much about it.

That's how it looks right now. I'm sure I could join many more but I must control myself. I have to keep my reading pleasurable and not worry too much about deadlines. It's my New Years Resolution. How about you? Any resolutions in regards to your reading challenges?

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  1. Webmaster, I love your site. Thank you sooo much for working on it.

  2. Thanks for posting your links Marg!

  3. I had a great year for challenges. I finished all of the challenge that have ended. There are a few that I signed up that are still going for part of 2010 and I need to work on those.

    I signed up for 16 challenge for 2010. I know I'm crazy!

  4. I jumped ship on my 2009 challenges and I'm keeping my 2010 ones firmly under control. Right now I'm taking part in GLBT, Women unbound, print press challenge and the TBR challenge (which keeps me from joining new challenges until that one is done) and I have my own poetry challenge on the go. See what a small selection compared with last year.


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