Bloggiesta Min-Challenge #1: Set Goals

Welcome to Bloggiesta! To start off, Rebecca asks us to set some blogging goals.

  • More buddy read posts.
  • Find advertising to support my blog.
  • Find a better way to have meaningful conversations about books on book-a-rama
  • Read 100 books
  • I posted a similar list last week.
For Bloggiesta though, here's what I plan on doing this weekend:

  • Update "About" page
  • Add disclosure.
  • Update footer.
  • Checked Website Grader again.
  • Add 2010 reviews tab
  • Get own domain.
  • Blogroll? (It might disappear. Don't worry you are all in my feed reader.)
  • Edit my labels (too many).
  • General cleanup.
  • Research new gadgets for blog
  • Brainstorm
  • Change my "brand"?
I might add to that list as I go. Other participants might inspire me.

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    1. Good luck! I'm still trying to figure out everything I want to do!

    2. Wow, you're making great progress already! Keep up the good work.

    3. I need to work on that whole advertising thing too. So far the few offers that I have had have not been in line with my book blog as far as genres read, etc.

      Congrats on the new domain name too!

    4. I want to do that cool three column footer. But I fogot where to look to get instructions!

    5. Excellent list! Best of luck with getting all of it done.

    6. Great list, Chris! Since we're both big on classics, I'd love to do a buddy read on something with you. Good luck in 2010!

    7. Best to you as you cross tasks off the list. Happy Bloggiesta!

    8. Suey- I picked out a free 3 column template. The site is linked at the bottom of my page.

      Natasha- I had an idea. I'll email you.

      Rebecca- That would be fun! we'll have to come up with something.

      Thanks for all the encouragement guys!

    9. Yay to you! Making great progress. I lessened the number of labels I have, too, trying to make fewer to fit more books in them. It decreased the clutter for me, though I don't know if anyone else noticed. Still- I often feel blog clean-up is more for the blogger than anyone else!

    10. I'll do more buddy reads with you! I really enjoyed them last year. :)

    11. Looks like you're off to a great start! Good luck with all of your goals.

      Happy Bloggiesta!

    12. I've found so many great ideas on other blogs--my original to-do list has hardly been touched!


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