Austen...You're Soaking In It

I'm lost in Austen this week. Sunday I watched the first episode of the latest TV version of Emma on PBS. It was quite enjoyable! Everyone was adorable in their period costumes. Emma is played by Romola Garai and
George Knightley by Jonny Lee Miller. I loved their verbal sparring.

There was a little Twitter party on the go while watching Emma. All the Austenites were tweeting away about the show. I ended up DVRing the episode so I can watch it again later; I missed so much while chatting. There was a lot said about the costumes. Emma looked spectacular in red and she wore a lot of it. I love red so I approved. I want to wear her clothes!

Also this week, I've been reading Austenland by Shannon Hale and enjoying the whole idea of having an Austen vacation. Kelly and I will be discussing that one soon. In the meantime, here's a question for you:

If you could temporarily immerse yourself in an Austen novel (the story, the clothes, the houses, the men), which one would you choose?

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  1. I've only really read P&P so that's the one. I need to read the others ASAP!

  2. Persuasion! It was my first Austen and I absolutely love it :-)

  3. Rebecca- Yes, you do! P&P is a good choice though.

    Kathrin- I love Persuasion too.

    I'm going to be totally shallow and say Emma. I would want to be the heroine- not just a spectator. The heroines in Persuasion and Mansfield Park are poor and mistreated. That wouldn't be fun. I go with Emma because her Daddy's rich (although E Bennett ends up richer) and the clothes would be fun to wear. Plus, Mr Knightley. If I'm going to Austenland, I want it to be a Disney experience!

  4. I'm in Austen obsession, too! I have a book of essays on reading Austen that I hope to read after this Emma series is done :-)

    I love Persuasion the most of all Austen novels, but I don't think I'd want to be in that one. I think Emma would be a more fun one to pop into!

    I really like Jonny Lee Miller as Knightley- I thought he looked too young, but apparently he is the EXACT age as Knightley!

  5. I would immerse myself in Emma! Besides the fact that I'm reading it now, Jeremy Northam did for Mr. Knightly what Colin Firth did for Mr. Darcy. Had a huge teenage crush on Northam when I was obsessed with the film in high school.

  6. Tough question. Chris is right in that Emma's got the most prestige and wealth, though I'm not sure I'd want to *be* her. Lizzy's more my style, though I don't think I could handle the Bennetts as parents. How about Elinor? I don't know... I don't think I can choose. Can I just be Austen herself?

  7. I just posted a review of Austenland on my blog. To be honest, I wouldn't want to be part of any of Austen's books.

  8. Aarti- He's doing a very good job.

    Andi- Oh yeah, I remember that movie. He was good too.

    Melissa- Sure! What would it be like to have all those characters running around in your head?

  9. Interesting we both have posts up this week regarding Emma on PBS. I wish I could answer your question but I've never read one of her books yet.


    My Life In Not So Many Words

  10. I love Lizzy -- who wouldn't want to be in her world? Emma -- as long as she didn't try to play matchmaker with me -- would be fine too.

    Just give me the comfortable clothes and let me go walking with Knightly or Darcy or Lizzy.

  11. Hmm....I love Johnny Lee Miller. He's such a cutie. (still can't believe he was married to Angelina Jolie. She makes my skin crawl!)

    How bad is it that I've only read one Austen?? I loved Persuasion. But it's really the only one I've ever picked up!!

  12. I too tweeted and watched Emma (which is harder that I thought it would be)!

    BTW, I just read on Shannon Hale's website that she is currently writing a sequel to Austenland! I can't wait!

  13. Zia- You have to remedy that!

    Beth- Yes, you have to love walking to hang with Lizzy.

    Stephanie1- He was?! Wow. You got to give the rest a try.

    Stephanie2- I'll have to read it when it comes out.


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