Random Christmas Update

Ugh! I cannot think of any blogging topics this week. All my thoughts keep turning to all I have to do for Christmas. So why not share those thoughts with the blogosphere! Great idea!
  • So far I've managed to finish my shopping (I think). Hurray!
  • Nothing is wrapped yet though. Boo! 
  • Still waiting for package to come in the mail.
  • I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards. My mom always cleaned everything that didn't move and for some reason now I feel like I have to too.
  • Baked one thing: meringue cookies for teachers.
  • The tree is up!
  • No food shopping has been done.
  • Did my 'mail out' cards last night.
  • Bought a couple of bottles of booze (glug, glug, glug).
Besides all this, my daughter is an angel in a Christmas pageant and I had the bright idea to make a costume for her- without a pattern. The arms are wonky and it's way too big but it's good enough for me.

Remember Buy Books for the Holiday. Well I did! I boughted the books! Just about everyone on my list got at least one book for Christmas.

How does your holiday list look at this point? Are you freaking out or resting with a hot toddy in your hand?

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  1. Meringue cookies for the teachers?! Hey, I'm a teacher!

  2. You're making great progress! I've still got shopping to do.

  3. Shopping - mostly done. Wrapping - not started, except for my husband's gifts (seized an opportunity when he was out of the house). Tree/decorations - not done. We're waiting till after my stepson's birthday party this Saturday.

    I'm giving lots of books for Christmas too, but I hope I don't get any - I'd rather get the gift cards and shop for the books myself :-).

  4. I am taking a blogging break because I can't think of post topics either.

  5. I'm with you on the freaking out bit, and the waiting for a package in the mail bit. Actually, I'm waiting for several. I also love the giving books for Christmas idea! If only everyone on my list loved to read as much as I do, it'd be so much easier to shop...

  6. I'm done, except for a few more presents to wrap. Now all we have to do is show up at our mom's houses and eat. :-D We've got it easy.

  7. well, i'm pretty much on schedule...which means i'm no where near done. i've baked some cookies (that we ate), bought some gifts (stocking stuffers, really),and went away twice in the last two weeks.

    and you wonder why we're not ready? our tree is up (it's PINK, to my hubby's horror), and our cards are mailed. that's it. i did buy my mom a few books, so that's good, right?

    merry christmas!!!

  8. Jodie- You have a few more days.

    John- I should have clarified *my daughter's teachers*. Sorry!

    Kathy- Get to it!

    Florinda- My husband wrapped mine before he went out of town. I still need to do his.

    Kailana- My brain is frozen.

    Belezza- I won't panic until next week if it doesn't arrive.

    Jill- Lucky!

    Nat- My daughter would love your pink tree!

  9. I thought I was done but found out another family in my extended family is expecting gifts from me. Oh, ok.


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