Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason: Review

When we last saw our heroine, things were bleak. She was alone again, naturally. In Rises the Night, the vampires are in half-time and Victoria Gardella has nothing to do except mope. Max has disappeared as well and even Sebastian has flown the coop.

But then *VAMPIRES* and Victoria starts getting her grove back. Rumour has it that a vampire named Nedas has found a mysterious object that can raise an army of the undead. Nedas needs to get to Rome to activate his new toy and uses his human followers, the Tutela, to help him get there. The Tutela bring the vampires humans to feed upon which makes them the supernatural equivalent of the Pizza Dude. Who hasn't called for take out when there's more important stuff to do?

Victoria tries to infiltrate the Tutela and is surprised to see some familiar faces among the potential followers. Could it be Lord Byron? Or Sebastian "Let Me Help You Out of That Pelisse" Vioget? Even though she's investigating and killing vampires, she's distracted by Sebastian, especially since he keeps turning up everywhere. Like Italy. They take some time out to "express their feelings" *ahem* because there's always time for that. And where is Max anyway?

Once again Colleen Gleason's Gardella Chronicles is both fun and heart pounding. Victoria does less flirting behind fans and more staking of vampires than in The Rest Falls Away. She has nothing to lose now. She's become more focused on her job. Still, she is a woman and when Sebastian's around- look out!

It was a little slow at first but once it picked up; I wanted to read right to the end. Things get tidied up but there are still plenty of unresolved issues for The Bleeding Dusk.



  1. Ah man I have to get on reading some Gleeson. Your review made me giggle, especially your *ahem*.

  2. I really need to get reading her! I still have two books left to read!

  3. I loved this series. Did you know she's got a new series coming out, next year, under a pen name? I can't wait!!!

  4. I loved the first book but got stuck on the second. I still have the rest of the series sitting in my TBR pile.


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