Chris vs Martha: Pumpkin Man

People seemed to like last week's Chris vs Martha so I'll post one this week too. This one isn't quite as delicious as the last one.

These were pretty easy. You just need some basic sewing and hot glue gun skills. The materials needed are inexpensive as well. If you'd like to make your own Martha Stewart has the instructions on her site. These were created by Jennifer Murphy. She makes the cutest little critters.




Definitely doable though mine looks not quite as polished as Martha's. Give them a try yourself.


  1. Your looks like it's laughing. Martha's just look evil.

  2. You've got Martha beat hands down! I love the little bat on yours.

  3. Totally cute! I feel like making crafts now. :) Happy (early) Halloween!

  4. Chris wins, again. You could really give Martha a run for her money.

  5. I think you guys need to duke it out. I really think you could take her! I bought her Halloween magazine two years ago and then was too lazy to actually make anything. She does have great ideas, though, and your pumpkin is too cute!

  6. i LOVED this should do it year-round. you could take on martha's 'good things' or something when it's not halloween.

    your little pumpkin critter is so cute. i give you credit!

    two years ago, i bought all the martha stewart recommended glitter, glue, and faux gourds and pumpkins for one of her crafts. my mom, aunt, and i decorated a zillion of them in copper and goldish glitter. they looked great but what a MESS. glitter EVERYWHERE. and when i pull them out each year, they continue to shed glitter.

  7. Nat- Glitter is awful. I cover everything before I use it. My girl is only allowed small amount. Still, it ends up everywhere.


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