This Old Thing?: Jamaica Inn

I'm not sure what mystifies my little poppet more: the weird hand, the boobage threatening to pop out of that dress or... is that Stonehenge in the background?

This week's This Old Thing is Jamaica Inn by Daphne DuMaurier. The back cover claims it's "Her famous story of dark events along the Cornish coast." I bought this sometime last year with the intention to read it for this year's RIP Challenge. I still plan on it. It cost $2.50 at the used book store and I might get one reading out of it. It's starting to come apart.

This book was printed in 1972. Two things are a mystery about this copy. 1) It wasn't supposed to be sold in Canada and 2) it's discarded from the Frontenac Secondary School Library in Ontario (Go Falcons!). So how did it get here? Hmm?

Despite the unfortunate cover, I look forward to reading it.

What is the worst cover art you've ever seen for a good book?


  1. That is a VERY unfortunate cover! But I really enjoyed the book a lot-I read it for R.I.P. last year!!!

  2. I have heard such good things about this book, and I loved Rebecca when I read it a while ago

  3. lol, that IS an unfortunate cover. Good book, though!

  4. Definitely a 1970s cover. I haven't heard about this one. Can't wait to read your reactions!

  5. That cover really dates the book, doesn't it? Of course, we'll be saying that about the headless covers of today in 20 years.

  6. Hmm, a bra might be in order...

  7. Is that supposed to be a sultry Jamaican? LOL

  8. Eva & Nymeth- I hope to get to it for RIP.

    Marg- Rebecca is one of my favorites.

    Red- Yes, it just screams 70s.

    Kathy- True! Everyone will wonder why we didn't want to see women's faces.

    Bluestocking- I know, I wonder if there are stones in the story somewhere.

    She- lol!

    Heidenkind- Um, I'm going to say no ;)

    Softdrink- He'll never forgive me.

  9. That cover is so awkward looking! Has Judge A Book By Its Cover has seen this?

  10. fun post! You ask some terrific questions. I really love DuMaurier and would like to read this one.


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