Road Trip: Amusing Tales from the Parks

Since we had children with us, we couldn't go to Ontario without hitting the amusement parks. First up was Marineland, which obviously is marine themed. There are creatures like whales and dolphins there. We took in a show then did the rides. The kids loved all the kiddie rides but my eyes kept wondering to the roller coaster, Dragon Mountain.

Now I'm not a roller coaster nut, in fact, I had only been on one tiny one in PEI years ago, but I was curious about this one. I thought, "It doesn't look so high." High I do not do. I have a fear of heights. "It can't be that bad." So a couple of us went on it. Holy Smokes! I think I'm still dizzy. That first drop is a shocker. Then it loops upside down- twice. The problem with Dragon Mountain is that much of it is hidden by trees so you can't see what you're getting yourself into. Still, I had a blast! I wasn't brave enough for the Sky Screamer and only one of our group was.

Having done just about all we could do, we dragged ourselves tired and hot towards the exit. Then my daughter spied the Wave Swinger which is a fairly common park ride, the one with the chain swings. The only person who wanted to go on it was my daughter. I had misgivings. To be sure there were kids younger than her on it but it made me nervous. It swung really high and I was afraid she'd be scared. I was at a parenting crossroads. Should I tell her no based on my own irrational fears and instill those fears in my child? Or let her do this on her own? It was tough but I chose option 2. She was so proud of herself for doing something no one else wanted to do and enjoyed the ride. I was proud of her myself.

As if one amusement wasn't enough, we went to Canada's Wonderland. What a crazy place! We did some of the waterpark rides and then it poured. We spend a lot of time hiding from the rain but it did clear and we were back at it. The kids did some of the milder rides and looked bored to tears. So we took them on a couple of roller coasters and tapped into the daredevils in them because that's all the wanted to do! My girl loved them.

We didn't do the super scary ones with those guys though. I was nerving my way up to the really insane ones. I figured it couldn't be any worse than Dragon Mountain. I was wrong. I did one, The Wild Beast. It was the last ride for me that day. I'm glad I had an empty stomach because I would have painted the inside of the ride. It's a wooden coaster and it shook the daylights out of me. But I'm glad I did it.

So after 2 days of this, we were exhausted but tanned and happy. It was time to mellow out and bring our trip to a close. Next week I'll tell you about our last days.


  1. I love old fashioned roller coasters - the loop de loop ones don't do much for me - especially if my feet dangle while I'm riding it.

  2. Sound like a great trip! I have an amusement park not too far from my house, and I love all the roller coasters. Kudos to your daughter for being so brave! :)

  3. Props to your daughter for being so brave! I was the kid sitting on the bench waiting for my friends because I didn't like heights and roller coasters. I'm still not a fan, and I think I'd totally be in the same place as you right there with the kiddo.


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