Look What You Did! BBAW

Amy wishes us to highlight a book or two that we discovered through another blog. It's the power of the Book Blogosphere! More contagious than Zombie plague. Chris Howard even devotes a weekly feature to it: Bad Bloggers. Not that he's so innocent himself; he's contributed to many of the books on my list.

So what have I read because of bloggers?

The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason. This was on a ridiculous number of blogs a couple of years ago. I had been on Colleen's blog and didn't even know she wrote a book!

I can't remember who recommended Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese (maybe Devourer of Books?) but someone raved about it

Swapna Krishna reviewed The Pluto Files by Neil deGrasse Tyson and I went right out and picked it up from the library.

Amy from My Friend Amy challenged us to read a book from Newsweek's 50 Books for Our Times. I chose Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne

So many bloggers recommended Coraline (Chris included) by Neil Gaiman. I didn't even know who Neil Gaiman was!

You can find my reviews of these books in my archives or sidebar.

Have you read any of these books because you saw it on another blog? Have I encouraged you to read anything? (I'm curious.)


  1. Hmm, I did talk about Cutting for Stone, but mostly that I didn't think it was very good on audio listening just from time to time. I know Rebecca The Book Lady raved about it.

  2. These are wonderful books! Book bloggers add to our TBR pile and I think thats ok!

    BBAW: Which book blogger is responsible for this?

  3. You've just inspired me to go find that Coyne book!

  4. Now you see, I STILL haven't read Why Evolution is True!! Aren't you glad you didn't wait for me, lol. I have The Pluto Files waiting here to be read too :) And I'm so glad you've enjoyed Coraline!!

  5. I was totally introduced to Gaiman by bloggers, too. Although I had seen Stardust, I had never heard of him. Now I've read 4 of his books! Love the love. :)

  6. Jen- You might be right about that.

    Gautami- It is! My shelves would be empty (relatively) if not for book bloggers.

    Care- Oh good!

    Chris- Better get to it! lol

    Trish- That's awesome!

  7. Well yours is the second comment in as many days that I've seen praising Cutting for Stone, and sine my library actually has a copy of it, I may end up reading that one, so does that count? :)

    I've gotten many good recommendations and new-to-me authors through book blogging, too many to count - plus I don't have that great a memory.

  8. Hurray for book bloggers! I'll have to think about how many books they have gotten me to read that I otherwise would have missed. Hmmm, That Pluto one looks interesting.....

  9. I haven't read any of those books because of bloggers, but I've read plenty of others.

  10. Yes - I read The Rest Falls Away after reading about it on Kailana's blog, The Written World.

    I've discovered really lovely books while doing the Dewey Book Challenge. So far I've read March and Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. Right now I'm reading Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer - what a gem. Every page could be a stand-alone poem, for heaven's sake.

    And don't even get me started on all the romance novels I've won from blog contests (and have then reviewed on my blog.) Blogging has created a reading monster for me. But I'm a willing target, so...

  11. Oohh! The Pluto files I still remember when Pluto was a planet. Sigh! I've also remember seeing this book aways back and wanting to read it, but I seem to forgotten, until I saw your post, thanks for the jog in my memory :)

  12. I'm much happier having too many good books than no ideas about what to read. In my pre-Internet days, I read some pretty disappointing books.


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