Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs: Review

Gus Simpson is turning 50. It really shouldn't bother her. She's a successful TV host with her own cooking show, Cooking with Gusto! She has a lovely house, great friends and 2 grown daughters. So why does she feel like she's missing something?

Then, just like that, her job is in jeopardy. Big changes are coming to her show. She must share air time with a sexy Spanish beauty queen and Oliver, a man with a passion for food... and maybe something more. Add to the mix her bickering daughters and her youngest's jilted lover and it's a recipe for disaster and high ratings.

I liked Gus with her Martha Stewart-like need for perfection. Her meddling ways make her daughters crazy but she just can't help herself. Even though Gus is the main character, I enjoyed how Jacobs switched the point of view to many of the characters throughout the book. Everyone has a hangup or two. I even had a bit of sympathy for Carmen.

Even though Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs had funny and poignant moments by the end I felt it lost momentum. Maybe it was because there was so much happening at the beginning that the romances seemed tacked on near the end. Not that it's not an enjoyable read, it's worth reading just wish the end hadn't petered out.

But that cover looks delicious!

Thanks Penguin for the review copy.


  1. Whenever I see that book, I have the urge to eat a cupcake! I've read quite a few books that peter out like that, so I know what you mean. This one still sounds good to me.

  2. Even though the end wasn't great it does sound like an enjoyable book.

  3. Kathy- That's a big part of why I read it!

    Stacy- Definitely enjoyable parts.

  4. That does sound like a fun read.

  5. I read this book a while ago, and like you, I enjoyed the start. I was bored about half way through and found it a bit predictable and cheesy.

  6. I think I enjoyed this book more than you did, but you are definitely right in that there's a lot going on at the beginning and it kind of peters out towards the end.


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