Cleopatra's Daughter Giveaway

I don't do many giveaway's on book-a-rama but I liked Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran (see my review here) so much when I saw the chance to host a giveaway, I took it. Michelle will send a signed copy of Cleopatra's Daughter to one lucky commenter anywhere in the world.

I'll keep the contest open for one week, ending Monday October 5, 12am EST.

All you have to do is leave your email address in the comments and answer this question:

What historical figure's childhood would you like to see portrayed in a novel?

Good luck!

Contest now closed.


  1. I'm a big geek so I would love to read about young Theodore Roosevelt-he's my favorite president and I love everything to do with him. I've read Mornings on Horseback but would be interested to read about his childhood in first person.
    I also might enjoy Mary Todd Lincoln's childhood, just because she was educated way beyond the norm for a young girl so to see how that impacted her would be cool.
    Thanks for the contest-I've heard good things about this book but haven't had a chance to get it yet.

  2. Amelia Earhart. If there's already a book about her childhood, I'm not aware of it.

    I've been wanting to buy Cleopatra's Daughter, but didn't want to pay more for a hardcover.

  3. I am not overly religious but I would be quite interested in knowing more about Jesus' childhood. I think He's a captivating historical figure since he's changed the world tremendously (regardless to whether He was actually the son of God or not, the world after Him simply was not the same) and I'd like to know more about what influenced Him growing up (since adults are heavily influenced by their childhood experiences and so on).

  4. I forgot to post my email address (just in case :D ):

  5. I posted in the wrong section.

    I would like to see Nero's childhood depicted in a book form to know why he turned out the way he did.

    Please count me in for this giveaway.



  6. What an absolutely wonderful question! I think I'd like to read about Vlad the Impaler. Did anybody pinch his cheeks and talk about what an ickle cutie pie he was?


  7. I think I've entered every single contest on the internet to try and win this book and still have not succeeded.
    Hmm, what historical figure's childhood would I like to read about...? I'm not sure, maybe Anastasia Romanov...

  8. What a great question! I think perhaps I'd like to read about Julius Ceaser's childhood, he is a fairly important figure in Western history. Or perhaps Saul/Paul.


  9. This book is on my to be read list so I'd be so excited to win this!

    I'd love to read a book about Florence Nightingale's childhood.

  10. Thank you for the review - I have been keeping my eye on this book. I would love to receive a signed copy of this book!

    What historical figure's childhood would I like to see portrayed in a novel? Boudica, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jezebel, Eva Braun

    AF Heart

  11. Marie Antionette would be an interesting choice.

  12. I would like to read about Hatshepsut or Nefertiti's childhood.

  13. I've found the Tudors most interesting. I would like to hear more about what made Henry VIII the way he turned out, what was his childhood like?

    dancealert at aol dot com

  14. Great question! Tough question!

    I am fascinated by Meryl Streep. I want to read about her childhood.

    APSkap (at) comcast (dot) net

  15. Wow.. great competition.. i so want to read this book. Great question by the way... hmmmm when i think of it.. i would have to go with Julius Ceasar... would love to read a story woven around him... :)

  16. Great question :]

    Good luck everyone!

  17. I enjoy U.S. colonial fiction and I would love to read a book about Rebecca Nurse's childhood.

  18. The first thing that came to mind is I wonder what Hitler's childhood was like. I bet it would be a very sad book. Either that or baffling.

  19. I would like to see a book on Grace o'Malley or Granuille the lady pirate. I have only seen/read stories on her as an adult...She was an amazing woman.

  20. Perhaps it's already been done, but I would love to read a story about Eleanor of Aquitaine's childhood - a fictional account that is. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I'd love to read about the childhood history of Henry VIII. I have read a few books that touched on his childhood, and I know that it's most probably not half as exciting and dramatic as his later years, but I think it would be interesting to speculate on some of the factors that made him into the man everyone loves to loathe. Great question, I had never really thought about it before. I'd also love to win a copy of the book. I have heard so many good things about it, and have been anxious to read it. So please enter me in the giveaway, and thanks for hosting this contest!


  22. I read "Nefertiti" this summer and am really looking forward to reading the rest of Michelle Moran's books!

    Let's see...whose childhood would I like to read about? Fun question, but also a hard one! How about Emily Dickinson? Would love to get inside her head and see what shaped her; how did she come up with all the topics for her poetry?

    Thanks for this give-away!

  23. Joan of Arc. I know, I know, there are many books about her. But I could use a book more focused on her childhood.

  24. about a young JFK?

    Thanks for the giveaway :)


  25. I think I saw one person already say this but Vlad the Impaler. We know what he was like in adulthood but wow sure makes you wonder what made him that way.

    Great giveaway


  26. I can somewhat answer the question about Vlad (being from the same country and having learned about him, the historical figure, in school). I don't think anyone pinched his cheeks and called him cutie pie when he was a child, because he spent the majority of his childhood (if I remember correctly) being hostage to the Turks (as a warranty of his father's that he will behave properly towards them)(the enmity between Vlad's father country and the Turks being an age old one but that's another story).

    Now (again, if I remember correctly) the Turks at the time were well known for their cruelty, and since young Vlad was exposed to them at a young age (and as a hostage of theirs no less) let's just say this somewhat explains a bit what followed.

    PS Having read Kostova's Historian a while ago I don't remember any precise details, but I do remember the feeling that she has twisted history (the real one I learned about in school) quite a bit. If anything Vlad was a person who wanted to do well by his country, trying to take it out of the Otoman clutches, with the methods available at the time: war, torture, etc. He was by no means a saint but he wasn't the horrible person that people think he was either.

    Hope this clears it out a bit.