Readers Imbibing Peril IV

My favorite time of the year has come. Carl's RIP Challenge! Yayyy! I collect books all year for this one. I love a good spooky book when the weather gets dreary. A comfy sweater and a cup of tea or coffee and I'm set the sit by the window on a blustery day and read.

I'll be doing Peril the First where I'll be reading 4 books. I have a pool of books, I just have to choose 4.

  • Jamaica Inn by Daphne DuMaurier
  • Rises in the Night by Colleen Gleason
  • Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
  • Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carman (if it comes in time)
  • Haunting Bombay by Shilpa Agarwal (as part of a book tour)
  • Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
  • Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
  • A bunch of Agatha Christies
So how about you? Will you overcome your fears and join us?


  1. Your picture of pumpkins excites me so much about the season ahead! Yay, you're back in! Thanks so much for taking part again this year. I'll certainly have pumpkins on the brain today, which is a good image to carry with me as I try to make it through one last day before the weekend!

    I read We Have Always Lived in the Castle last year and really enjoyed it. Great stuff!

  2. I'm hoping to read The Woman in White too. Excellent list!

  3. the woman in white is on so many lists! I can't wait for the reviews to begin~

  4. Hopefully the book Jamaica Inn is so much better than the movie.

    Argh, RIP time already? I bombed horribly last year.

  5. Carl- Can't have Halloween without pumpkins.

    Kathy- Thanks

    Nymeth & Deslily - I hope I finally get to it.

    Carrie- I haven't seen the movie so I hope the book is good.

  6. Great list. Loved Jamaica Inn, and all the Colleen Gleasons. Love Agatha. Have Forest of Hands and Teeth on my list!!

    I love this time of year too.

  7. Great choice! Reading Agatha Christies is one good reason.

    I have read almost all her books!

    Here is my RIP IV read list

  8. I really need to get to the next Gleason book. Enjoy the challenge.

  9. i love this time of year too! nothing better than chilly nights and falling leaves. i haven't heard about this challenge--it sounds so apt for the season!

  10. I'm so excited for this challenge! It seems like everyone is participating, which will be great!

  11. Great choice!
    The Woman in White seems to be a popular choice and I look forward to reading the reviews on it. (I'm such a wimp when it comes to chunkster!)

  12. All of those books look fantastic. I'm hoping to read We Have Always Lived in the Castle as well.

  13. We Have Always Lived in the Castle seems a really popular choice. I look forward to reading everybody's reviews. Your list looks great. I have only read one, The Woman in White which I thought was wonderful, great plot and characters and perfect for this challenge. Enjoy!


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