Challenge Roundup

At the end of The I Suck At Challenges Challenge, I promised that I would keep the challenge updates going. Today I introduce Challenge Roundup where we all can gather and celebrate our accomplishments or whine about our failures. Whatever kind of month it is.

So July was a terrible challenge month for me. I read 0 challenge books. Zip. Nada. The Big Goose Egg. I signed up for The 3rd Canadian Books Challenge and then read nothing. I also didn't pick up a book for my own Eco Reading Challenge. That's bad.

However, my vegetable garden I started because of Animal Vegetable Miracle is doing really well. Have a look:

No chemicals have been used either. I can't wait to bite into that tomato. The snow peas were yummy. They're all done now but I started sugar peas in their place.

I definitely plan on reading Watership Down. I just have to get to it. I also promised Kailana that I'd read Not Wanted On the Voyage with her as part of my 3rd Canadian Reading Challenge list. Hopefully by Sept 1 my next update will be a celebratory one!

So, everyone I invite you to leave a comment about your challenges or write your own post and leave a link. Feel free to grab the button.


  1. Here's my update for July.

  2. Your garden is gorgeous. I've actually found a small, organic farmer very close to me. Besides vegetables, he raises bison and chickens.

  3. I keep thinking I should do a challenge, but I never seem to be able to settle on one that I would actually do!

    Gorgeous garden, makes me crave new potatoes and sweet peas. (My mom's garden specialty when I was growing up...)

  4. I have entered WAY too many challenges this year. This challenge round-up is a good idea!

  5. I know what you mean about biting into a home grown tomato. I've been picking a few here and there the last week. Oh, so yummy!

    As for challenges - I haven't joined any this year. Yet.

  6. Your garden is gorgeous. Darn, I haven't read a thing that'll fit in my challenge.

  7. Great idea Christina!

    I hope to do a post next month. I posted your event at A Novel Challenge.

  8. Your garden looks great. Homegrown tomatoes are the best. The challenge roundup is a great idea. I am going to go through mine and see where I stand, then come back and leave a link. Thanks.

  9. Yeah! So glad you will be continuing with this one!


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