The Penny Pinchers Club by Sarah Strohmeyer: Review

Kat thinks she has the perfect life. Her daughter is graduating soon. She and her husband Griff, a professor of economics, will be empty-nesters ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Or maybe her husband is ready to start one with his young assistant instead.

When Kat finds evidence of infidelity- condoms and a secret bank account, her sister steps in and insists she get a lawyer and get prepared. Divorce, it turns out, is an expensive undertaking. Kat has a bit of a shopping problem and the debt to match. The lawyer suggests a massive change in lifestyle in order to save money for the inevitable.

Kat needs cash fast and even after cutting out her Starbucks habit and trading in her Lexus, it's not enough. She joins the Penny Pinchers Club, an eclectic group of people who trade coupons and money saving advice. The group holds her hand as they help her buy in bulk and bully cranky store managers. Things may have gone too far when a foray into dumpster diving lands in her jail.

As Kat waits for Griff to announce he's leaving, an old flame reappears. Should they start back up where they left off 20 years ago? Or should Kat fight for her marriage?

Although The Penny Pinchers Club by Sarah Strohmeyer is a funny and entertaining read, it carries a serious message. Kat wouldn't be in the situation she's in if she wasn't a mindless spender. And while some of what the Penny Pinchers do is extreme, they do have some good ideas. Kat, herself, learns to take a good hard look at her finances, something I know we should all do (gulp!). For Kat, it takes a shocking event to prompt her to do it. Hopefully, it takes a little less for the rest of us.

The Penny Pinchers Club was a fun, summer read. The pacing was good and the characters well written. The only problem I had with it was on the very last page. It was an eye roller.



  1. This book sounds so good to me since I can be known as a penny pincher!

  2. oh, the penny pinching! i love to shop at marshalls and homegoods and detest paying full price. i'd love to give this book a shot--sounds entertaining.

  3. I'm a penny pincher, too.

    Chris, my little parcel of goodies arrived, yesterday. Thanks so much!! My absolute favorite is the grosgrain ribbon bookmark. You made that one, right?

  4. I was just wondering the other day if there was a new Strohmeyer book soon. I really enjoyed her last couple of books so definitely will be trying to get this one!

  5. Kathy & booklineandsinker- I can pinch a penny too.

    Bookfool- I'm so glad! I never know how long it will take for mail to arrive in the US. And yes, I made that one.

    Marg- I'm glad you came by then!

  6. A great blog. It pays to be smart with your money. I will be reading this book soon. All the best.


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