Eco Reading Challenge Update: #3

Here we are, already on our third update for the Eco Reading Challenge. Are you learning anything about the environment? Have you made any big changes? How about small ones? It all adds up!

I finished my 3rd book for the challenge. I think I'm not going to read the Suzuki guide. I'm all guided out. I'll find another book instead.

So did I tell you about my garden? It exploded! Things have gotten so big. I've already made salads from lettuce, spinach and radishes. Everything is so much more tasty than store bought. My carrots are getting bigger as well. I'm still waiting for my peas to flower. We've been having a lot of rain. It's miserable. My spinach is really suffering.

On the tomato front, I have 2 little green Window-Box variety ones. So exciting! I also bought 3 Heritage tomato plants from the Tomato Lady at the Farmers' Market. She calls them Yellow Canary, Tiger Striped and Latka (?). She grows something like 200 varieties, including a fuzzy pink. I wasn't that brave.

The Ecoholic guide was useful for something. Vasil recommended Terra Cycle fertilizer- diluted worm poop. I love telling people that. It has gross out value. Worm poop is a great natural fertilizer. It has helped my garden. You can spray it all over everything and it doesn't do any damage. Terra Cycle uses recycled pop bottles so that's another point in their favour.

So now for some pics:


  1. Your garden is gorgeous - I'm hungry for a salad after seeing your pictures.

  2. Our garden is slowly coming to fruition - the heat wave last weekend helped.

    Not much new info on the eco horizon, I guess we were pretty indoctrinated in this area during the big drought.

  3. Kathy- The salads were delicious!

    Carrie- My fast growing stuff is doing well. It will be a long wait for the rest.


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