The I Suck At Challenges Challenge: Update #5

This is our last month for the "I Suck At Challenges" Challenge. How is it working out for you? Are you where you think you should be?

I've finished the Dewey's Reading Challenge and put a good dent in My Eco Reading Challenge. But all is lost for The 2nd Canadian Reading Challenge. Like the Titanic, I've hit an iceberg and am going down with the ship. Six books in one month just won't happen.

My Challenges:

Dewey's Reading Challenge 5/5
2nd Canadian Reading Challenge 7/13
Eco Reading Challenge 2/5

This will be our last update before the July wrap-up post. Let us know how your all doing one last time. Get all the reading you can done!

Mr Linky lost his mojo so leave your links in the comments.

(Thanks to Stockxchng for the iceberg pic.)


  1. You do know that picture books, graphic novels and poetry collections count for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge right? Those are always good for quick reads. You can do it!

  2. I just finished book #10, so I'm gonna go for the gusto this month.

    What John said...he's right.

  3. John- So, you're giving me permission to cheat? Robert Munsch here I come.

  4. I was hoping we could keep doing the I suck at Challenges Challenge for the whole year! I think it really helps me. Here's my link for May:

  5. I would love this to continue also. It's a great way to keep track of all of my challenges.

    If your worried that it would conflict with the A Well-Rounded Challenge this summer, I don't think it will. I agreed to host if this year and it is to target select challenges, not all challenges like yours. I think there is room for both.

    Here is my June update:

  6. I know I'm behind, but I've got my update up:

    Another vote for keeping this going!

  7. Another late entry here! My details are up now:

  8. I'm late too - here's my post:


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