Ecoholic by Adria Vasil: A Review

I've hinted that Ecoholic was scaring me. I'll tell you why. Reading about all the chemicals hovering around me waiting to give me tumours, Alzheimers, or worse makes me want to live in a cave in a mountain- all dirty and hairy. Of course, then I'd be still have the pollution made by others to deal with. I better build a rocket. To say I found Ecoholic both alarmist and depressing is an understatement.

Ecoholic is "your guide to the most environmentally friendly information, products and services in Canada." Adria Vasil just can't help but tell us about the horrors of modern living though. "Like to sleep? Well just think of the chemicals from that mattress seeping into your pores! Mawahahaha!" Okay maybe not quite like that, but you follow me, right? Every item you come into contact with everyday has some terrible chemical connected to it. Everything! I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so this all freaked me out.

Then about halfway through I calmed down. First of all, I wondered at the science behind her claims and a lot of it is phrased "studies have shown" and "people claim." What studies? What people? Also it sometimes felt like she was saying that we are damned if we do or damned if we don't. Think becoming a vegetarian is the way to go? Think again, all that soy for tofu is grown in fields of previously virgin rain forest. Better start eating weeds- but wait! Better check and make sure it's not endangered. Plus, they might have been sprayed with pesticides. We're doomed, People! Sigh. I came to the conclusion that it's like raising kids- you pick your battles. There is no way I could do all that she suggests or buy all the products she recommends. I'm not a Rockefeller; some of this stuff is tres expensive. However, I can feel good about some of the small changes I can make.

The information was quite overwhelming. It covers everything from beauty products, medicine and food to transportation and business. While I copied down a few products I'd like to try for the most part I think I'd do a bit of research before committing to any major changes. Also, be aware that this book was published in 2007 and might already have outdated information.

Who would I recommend this book to? Someone who wants to buy and use more environmentally friendly products (ones you can get mostly in Canada). I wouldn't recommend it to a worrier like myself.

Read for The 2nd Canadian Reading Challenge and The Eco Reading Challenge.


  1. I have given up on reading books like this. I feel like I can't avoid everything so I would much rather stick my head in the sand and go with what I know. Recycling and dry cleaning as little as possible.

  2. Wow - I can understand the overwhelmed feeling. Glad there was some good information in there, too

  3. I think that might scare me too. I've gotten where I'd just rather not know some things, like what's in my hot dog.

  4. Hello! I really like the sound of this. I understand we can't do it all, but every little bit helps and I would be interested in seeing what suggestions are made.

    By the way I am new here, if you haven't already noticed! LOL And I hope this doesn't come too much of a shock for you, but I've tagged you for my weekly blog meme.

    There is no pressure to play along, although I would love you to do so if you have time - even if it's too late for this Wednesday there is always next Wednesday. :)

    Take care,


    Here is my answer to What's on Your Desk Wednesday? Just so you know what I am going on about! LOL

  5. Sounds overwhelming! I don't know if I would read this or not. Information is good, but that isn't necessarily why I read...

  6. Nicole- Yeah, I think there is such a thing as too much info.

    Texas- I definitely wrote down a few things.

    Onion- lol! No I don't want to know what's in hot dogs.

    Sassy- Thanks for visiting! Hmm, I don't have a desk though :)

    Kailana- I admit to skimming parts that didn't apply to me.

  7. Being more environmentally-friendly was a goal of mine last year. I grabbed this one thinking it would be perfect - but it was too much info for me. And it was scary, it was like having to choose the lesser of two evils with every topic.

    Now I'm picking books that focus on one topic at a time. My favorite so far is Green This by Deirdre Imus - all about cleaning/household. I figured this was my least-green area. It's a really helpful book.


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