Eco Reading Challenge Update: #2

I thought I'd post an update on the Eco Reading Challenge. Remember to post your reviews at the Eco Reading Challenge Blog. Please note, Mr Linky is not working and all links previously left have disappeared. Leave your links in the comments. I'm on my third book, Ecoholic by Adria Vasil. It's kinda freaking me out. It's the kind of book that might drive you to live like a hermit.

With the growing season upon us, here's an interesting challenge from David Suzuki: David Suzuki Digs My Garden. He is encouraging gardeners to grow their plants without the use of pesticides. It's a nice little site with tips, and a photo contest. Although the site is geared towards Canadians, I don't see why folks around the world wouldn't find something useful on it.

Speaking of gardening, here's a peek at my garden so far.


  1. Your garden's looking great. How are you liking the raised beds? (We're talking about doing that next year.)

    We tried to be pesticide-free, or at least only organic pesticide, but got suckered in by an "eco" spray that had a footnote saying it was no more eco friendly than any other spray. Arrgghh...

  2. Texas- So far, so good. I won't know until harvest time if it really worked. Misleading labels make me nuts!

  3. Love your garden.
    Grr at Mr Linky (causing no end of hassle throughout book blog land).

  4. Third book already! I'm only still on my second. Feel like I've been on it for a long time now. Why's Ecoholic freaking you out?

  5. I like the raised beds and the Suzuki book sounds interesting.

    glad you posted an update...reminds me to get back at my Eco reading.

  6. Jodie- Mr Linky is great until he stops working.

    Court- Ecoholic talks about everyday products we all us and the chemicals that are in them. Pretty much everything can kill you (according to her).

    Bybee- Glad you stopped in!

  7. I have no garden, this year, and it's far too late to plant. I'm kind of envious. We've gone all fallow plots and jungle. Your garden looks beautiful.


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