Bookish Movies

Recently, I watched a couple of book related movies. Today I think I'll give my thoughts on them.

First up Lost in Austen (DVD). Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper) has a boring job and an unromantic boyfriend. There are some nights she just wants to curl up with her favorite book, Pride and Prejudice. She wishes she lived in it. She gets her wish when Elizabeth Bennett (Gemma Arterton who also played Tess in the BBC production of Tess of the D'Ubervilles) shows up standing in her bathtub. A door in Amanda's apartment is a gate between the 21st century and Jane Austen's imagined world of Pride and Prejudice. She and Elizabeth switch places and Amanda finds that the world she dreamed of isn't quite what she expected.

I didn't realize that this was a mini-series until I was up after midnight waiting for it to finish! It was a lot of fun though. A definite chick-flick. I had read Lost in Austen which is an interactive book where the reader changes the outcome of the Austen novels- all of them. The movie only focuses on Pride and Prejudice and Amanda takes our place. Still, like the book, every little thing that Amanda does changes the plot in major ways. She also finds out some unexpected things about the characters Mrs Bennett (Alex Kingston) is 'a real ball buster' and Wickham (Tom Riley) has a softer side. She even finds out some shocking surprises from Georgiana Darcy and Caroline Bingley (Christina Cole).

I didn't real feel the chemistry between Amanda and Mr Darcy (Eliot Cowan). In fact, I wanted her to run off with Mr Wickham- that bad boy. I loved seeing Lizzie in the modern world. I always thought she was too smart for Darcy.

Definitely recommended.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (DVD) A baby is born to a wealthy family in New Orleans with the unfortunate condition of being an elderly infant. The father, shocked and disgusted, leaves the baby on the steps of an old folks home. Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) who works at the home takes the baby and names him Benjamin. As Benjamin (Brad Pitt) grows, he seems to be getting younger. Benjamin meets Daisy (Cate Blanchett) and falls in love with her but circumstances keep them apart. Benjamin goes off to war while Daisy becomes a ballerina. Later they will come together again but Benjamin's condition is always an obstacle.

This was a beautiful looking movie with an interesting storyline. It was actually quite sad. How would in feel to age in the opposite direction than everyone else? Although it's based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, from what I've read it's a much different story.

I enjoyed Benjamin Button though it was a strange tale.


  1. I enjoyed Benjamin Button, too. You need to read the short story it was based on now.

  2. I loved Lost in Austen! I too was hoping Amanda would run off with Wickham.

  3. Lost in Austen sounds fun, I'll have to catch the series, one of these days.

  4. I will definitely be checking out Lost in Austen - sounds like the perfect DVD for a Moms' Movie Night with my best friend!

  5. I too enjoyed Lost In Austen. I rented it first, then bought it on DVD the first chance I got.

  6. I'm really curious about Benjamin Button... I read the story and liked it but can't really imagine a film.

  7. I just watched Lost in Austen two weeks ago! I agree that there was no chemistry with Darcy. Wickham was the only sincere character.

    My husband was watching with me (although he was pretending to do something else) and he said "There is not one strong male in that movie. But what do you expect when you rewrite Austen with a feminist bent." I thought it was interesting because it's true if you think about it that all the men were hopeless pathetic in that retlling. Well, except for Wickham who at least was honest about his pathetic-ness.

  8. Onion- I've seen it online. One of these days...

    Daibhin- Glad I'm not the only one!

    Carrie K- Hope you guys will enjoy it!

    Nocturnal- It seems like a DVD I'd watch again.

    Joanna- It is a different kind of movie. The idea is really interesting.

    Rebecca- Yes, and the book had a feminist bent too. The women really were front and center in it. The romance didn't feel true. Of course, I like a lovable bad boy so Wickham was the guy for me!

  9. I watched Lost in Austen on the computer but am excited to see it on DVD!!

  10. Lost in Austen is on my list of things to see. Glad it's fun!

  11. I read and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. They are nowhere near the same. The book is a bit more lighthearted than the movie. However, I liked the movie more. It could have been two hours shorter, but it was worth watching Brad Pitt once he became young.


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