What's On TV, Or How Will I Survive Without Lost?

Last night I caught the end of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Or Jon Minus 9) on TLC. I was a big fan of the show at the beginning when they were a normal family doing normal stuff. Now they are celebrities and all their dirty laundry is out there for us to see. I found it very awkward. Neither one made eye contact and I felt sad for the kids. There is a lot of forced cheerfulness. Plus, they seem to be getting even further away from reality. I saw Emeril Lagasse in a promo for a future show. Doesn't everyone have Emeril over for dinner? Time to put a fork in this one and get their lives back to normal. I think I'm going to pass on this one.

Wednesday is the return of Wipeout on ABC! Yeah, this is my guilty pleasure. When I first heard about it I thought "Who is going to watch that?" After the first show, I was hooked. There is just something about people falling off big balls. I really think the commentators make the show. They are so funny. I hope those guys return for this season.

So, how about you? Any shows you're watching that you think I should be?


  1. I'm not watching anything now. I'm bummed that Dancing With the Stars is over. :(

  2. i'm not a big telly watcher with the exception of jeopardy! every once in a while. i'm too busy reading, blogging, and reading some more.

  3. I loved watching Jon and Kate awhile back too when they were a normal family. Of late, I haven't been very interested in their "celebrity-like" activities. I've only vaguely heard about what happened to them (from my husband). That is so very sad. Fame is a traitor.

  4. I really like watching So You Think You Can Dance on Fox in the summer. The judges are dancers & choreographers and have a real appreciation for the art form.

  5. The Jon and Kate story has made me really sad. I'm hoping they can work things out, but they probably won't.

  6. ipeout is so cool (the UK version with Richard Hammond I mean - the US are clearly stealing our ideas). If you're not watching it you should be watching back episodes of the new 90210 because it is gossipalicious.

  7. LOL I'm excited for Wipeout to start too! The commentators are so funny.

  8. Onion- I wasn't really a fan of that one.

    Booklineandsinker- We watch Jeopardy ever night. I don't know why I love it so much.

    Claire- It seems like a cash grab recently- how much they can get out of their fame.

    Laura- I like that one too. The talent is amazing.

    Suey- Maybe they would have a chance if they get off that show. I can't imagine having 8 kids in that situation.

    Jodie- All the best shows come from the UK. I was a teen during the original 90210. Oh the drama!

    Heather- Can't wait for Wednesday!

  9. The rest of my family can't wait for Wipeout to return either, although it doesn't do much for me. My husband also loves it for the commentary.

    Jodie mentioned a UK version with Richard Hammond - is that Richard Hammond from Top Gear? My husband is a car nerd, and the whole family is addicted to Top Gear now.

    I'm glad Burn Notice is coming back for a third season in a couple of weeks :-).

  10. There isn't anything that I feel I must watch this summer. sigh.
    I did watch the Jon and Kate episode last night and it was just sad. Sad that Jon would have left the show but, even though Kate complained, it's clear she likes the celebrity. Sad she's traveling on her book tour and he's taking care of the kids. Sad. I'm probably done watching, although I was never a real dedicated fan to begin with, mainly because Kate could really be nasty to Jon. Not too many men would put up with the abuse, especially when it's then broadcasted.

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE Wipeout! I'm also going to tape The Goode Family on ABC. Looks funny!

  12. Noooo, not Wipeout! lol. I'll have to get back to you on TV, everything seems to have wrapped up and not started yet.

  13. I don't know what I'm going to do without LOST!! (but I don't think Wipeout is going to be it!)

    I'm about reality show -ed out. Too much junk on TV these days!!

  14. I really am not watching anything! I have a few shows that I do enjoy, but I tend to wait until the season is over with and buy them on DVD... I am terrible at being a regular television watcher. I am better at watching stuff on my own time!

  15. We were huge Jon and Kate fans in the beginning. My daughter loves to watch those kids. But now it's just uncomfortable. I don't want to watch a marriage falling apart. She kept saying how she didn't know how to fix everything, but it seems pretty clear to me: quit the show, stop traveling and work on her family.

    We won't be watching anymore.

    All our fav TV shows are over now: The Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, American Idol. But apparently Top Chef Masters is starting up on Bravo in a couple weeks. That should be fun.

  16. Florinda- You just got to join in with your family. ;)

    Lori- Yes, I think she likes the perks.

    Sheri- Wasn't it fun?!

    Stephanie- Yes, I don't think I can do much more reality tv.

    K- That's a good way to do it.

    Karen- It was icky watching it. It felt really phony and strange. I agree that she should put a stop to it, but now it's a career. I think I'll be watching a lot more speciality channels this summer.

  17. I always found J & K cringe-inducing and full of "forced cheerfulness" so I never got into it. But if they're going to go all Hollywood, they should get Rip Torn in as the crazy uncle.

  18. There doesn't seem to be anything worth watching, so I am re-watching Lost from start to finish. At least I know that's quality tv!


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