Weekly Geeks: #18: Local Talent

Although this week's Weekly Geek tells us to "take us on a literary tour of your hometown", I'm going to make it a whole island. Cape Breton is my island and does have a few interesting literary facts.

*Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald was chosen as an Oprah Book Club pick in February 2002. It is set mostly on Cape Breton Island in the 1920's. Oprah called CB "an exotic island" which made me laugh.

*The film Margaret's Museum starring Helena Bonham Carter is based on Sheldon Currie's novel Glace Bay Miner's Museum. It was also filmed here. Both are about a woman who has a mental breakdown after many of the men in her family die in the coal mine. Happy, happy stuff!

*My old high school nemesis Alistair MacLeod- well, just his book which we were forced to read The Lost Salt Gift of Blood- also wrote No Great Mischief. Most of his stories are set on Cape Breton Island.

*Author Farley Mowat spends his summers somewhere on the island. He wrote Never Cry Wolf which also became a movie.


  1. Enjoyed your post. Don't you love it when an outsider romanticizes your town?

    Here’s mine, Detroit City Poets

  2. I found it very exotic when I toured the coal mine:)

    Loved the movie Margaret's Museum! Very well done movie.

    I'm a fan of Alistair MacLeod, but I read him in University, in an Atlantic studies course and was right into heritage and Maritime culture. I read NGM this year and really liked it.

    I should think of doing the PEI post - it's a pretty obvious topic isn't it?

  3. I loved Fall on Your Knees! I would love to visit you Island sometime!

  4. I remember when Fall on Your Knees was chosen as an Oprah book. For some reason my grandmother was at my house and we watched it together. I think we have both read the book by now! Although, I still haven't read her other one... I think I bought it fresh off the presses, too!

    I considered doing this Weekly Geek, but I wasn't sure how many authors I could come up with...

  5. Helena Bonham Carter was on your island - very cool.

  6. I remember loving Fall On Your Knees. It was a fantastic novel and I really like MacDonald, I read her other book The Way the Crow Flies as well.

  7. The first picture with the tree is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. What a fabulous tour, Chris!

  9. Susan- I guess it's exotic to someone else.

    Raidergirl- Ummmm...LM Montgomery? ;) I have to give NGM a try.

    Teddy- Come for tea!

    K- I watched it at the time but didn't read it until 2007.

    Jodie- Yes, but I never got to see her :(

    Lilly- I still haven't read Crow Flies. Most add that to the TBR list.

    Christina- Thank you! We took that on a hiking trail on the island. There is a beautiful waterfall at the end.

    Carrie- Thanks!

  10. lucky you for living somewhere so cool! no books have really taken place in my town...but a favorite YA series is set about 20 minutes from my house with references to all sorts of local spots. :)

    i listened to fall on your knees a few years ago...i think!

  11. What a beautiful picture of your island! I really enjoyed Fall On Your Knees but I am a big fan of Farley Mowat- what a character!

  12. This has been such an interesting Weekly Geeks!


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