Weekly Geeks: #17

This week's Weekly Geeks asks about readers bookmarks.

I try to use actual bookmarks, but I tend to lose them. I'll grab anything handy. I do have a few though. I'll show you some of the best.

From left to right:

*Classics Club Bookmark. My online book club reads classic books according to a schedule. A few members have been creating bookmarks with the schedule printed on them since we started about 5 years ago. This one was created by VP Marion for The Age of Innocence. Didn't she do a great job?

*Eiffel Tower Bookmarks (I have a set of these) from KLMdesigns.

*Printable bookmarks from Little Brown Pen. Love the designs from this shop. I can print them out whenever I want.

*Papillon noir bookmark from Sybile. Love this one. It's so well made and pretty.

I'll also use Book Darts if i need to mark certain passages for later.

These next 2 I made myself. I sell them on my Etsy shop. They are crocheted flowers attached to ribbons.


  1. I always try to pick up a bookmark from everywhere I've visted. They are perfect little keepsakes.

  2. I think your homemade bookmarks are very pretty!!

  3. I love the one I won from you a few read-a-thons ago :)

    And I think I'm in love with the Sybile Etsy shop!

  4. I love the idea of book darts. Very clever!

  5. Nice bookmarks! I love the book centric Austen saying.

  6. The ones you make are beautiful, but I'm notorious for losing bookmarks. I only use one type any more. My books get tossed in and out of my backpack I take to work every day so regular bookmarks are simply useless as they fall out - a lot.

    For the past couple of years I only use magnetic bookmarks that clip over the page. They never fall out.

    Magnetic Page Clips by Remarks
    This link sells them singly, but I've always found them in packages of 4. Right now I'm using a penguin. I got The Hubster some football ones.

    Magnetic Page Clips

  7. I love bookmarks, but I must admit that I rarely use them... I can never seem to find one when I need them!

  8. Nik- That's a good idea!

    Staci- Thanks!

    Nymeth- I'm glad you like it. I love Sybile's shop. Gorgeous stuff.

    Rikki- Bookdarts are great, especially for bookclub.

    Carrie- I love that little quote.

    Suzi- I had a magnetic one and *surprise* I lost it LOL!

    Kailana- I usually look on the floor and find one I've dropped out of another book. ;)

  9. i posted about bookmarks a few weeks back--i have ZILLIONS but never use them. actually, i'll have to qualify that: since i started book blogging, my bookmark use is waaaay up! i love your little ribbon ones--so cute.

  10. I actually collect bookmarks... i have a few photo albums full of them. I work in a library so I have access to them quite easily.

  11. I've just started using a silk one, and it is far more successful that I had imagined it would be.
    I love those you have made oyurself, but the ones you've shown here are all good.

  12. Those are beautiful bookmarks indeed! I would love to have all four of them LOL.

    TNX for the link to Little Brown Pen - that's an amazing idea! But... do they really look 'professional' when printed at home (especially the colours)? I guess I'll just have to try it! :)

  13. I've only recently started using bookmarks again (used to a long time ago) and I'm finding myself addicted to them now! I love your crocheted ones--I'll have to check out your etsy!

  14. Oooh, those are pretty.
    Happy Weekly Geeks :)

  15. I would love to purchase one of your little crocheted lovelies! The only problem is that I don't do PayPal--my son had a terrible experience with them. Are you willing to consider other options? If so, can you email me?

  16. Your Classics Club Bookmark is such a great idea! And how cute is that Little Brown Pen one! I always use paper/cardboard, the ones free from the library or bookshops, because I like them really really flat without any bumps. So I usually don't use any other material. BUT but but your crocheted flowers on ribbons are so adorable I just might get one someday. (I already bookmarked your Etsy shop.) I am even more in love with your scarves and choker, however. :D

  17. That Eiffel Tower bookmark is so pretty! I love the idea of bookdarts too, but can't really justify then when I could use a paperclip (admittedly not *nearly* so elegant though).

    There's so many lovely bookmarks out there, and I'd buy so many of them if I weren't Bookmark Loser Extraordinaire :(


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