No BEA? Books Anyway & Some Snacks

Devourer of Books is encouraging book buying (as if we need encouragement! lol) with her "No BEA? Books Anyway!" plan. The idea is to buy books from any source this weekend then tell her about it.

Today was my library's used book sale and although I didn't think it was good as some other times, I still bought books. No surprise there. I came home with Late Nights On Air by Elizabeth Hay, The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie, The Manticore by Roberson Davies and The Ballad of Peckham Rye by Muriel Spark (I have no idea about this one but wanted to get something really out there).

So tonight is the BEA Twitty Party and parties need food, right? We could all be fancy and have lobster ...

some wine...

we need a little dessert...

and some coffee.

Nom, nom, nom. Feeling full yet? Hope you enjoy the Twitty Party tonight!


  1. Yummy! Great selection of food. I have a few books by Robertson Davies but haven't read any yet! Heh.

  2. I'll have a glass of wine and some strawberries, please. Looks awesome!

  3. Mmm, that strawberry tart looks really yummy!

  4. On my way home from work, I saw a sign for Live Lobsters - $4 each at a gas station in town. I debated, but I prefer getting cooked lobster. Sadly, lobster isn't really a fancy expensive food these days on PEI.

    Have you read any Davies yet? I have 5th Business here to read, and I've only heard good things about him so far. I got a gift card to Indigo, I should get a book this weekend.
    thanks for the snack, have a great weekend - Sunday weather looks good.

  5. Raidergirl- They are cheap here too. Haven't been this price in yrs. I'm thinking of getting some this weekend.

    I have 2 Davies but haven't read him yet.

  6. I should have dropped by during the party, not after! The food and drinks look lovely - the moment I joined the party, I thought, snacks! a drink! and you had them all here.

  7. The funny thing about lobster is that way back when, it was actually considered the food of the poorer classes... Then, we started overfishing! I read that somewhere... I hope! Maybe I shouldn't try and sound educated on like 3 hours sleep...

    I was considering lobster, too. Normally I only get it once a year, but with the price it might be worth getting it again. I came from a fishing town, though, so normally I get it straight off the boat...

    The strawberries look good!

  8. Belle- Glad I could help!

    K- Yes, my mom had lobster sandwiches as a kid instead of pb&j. My grandfather was a fisherman. I usually get them from the wharf but there is a lobster truck at the farmers' market.

  9. Sorry, I missed the party -- I had to work this weekend (in fact, I'm still at it but there's a lul between deadlnes). Maybe I can grab some leftovers, like lobster salad?

  10. I crave for some east coast lobsters. Its been since last summer when I was in PEI.


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