Eco Reading Challenge: Update

With the encouragement of Courtney (thanks Court) I started a group for the Eco Reading Challenge on the One Million Acts of Green website.

Here you can record your acts of green which range from turning your thermostat down to installing a wind turbine and everything in between. You can sign up to record your acts and then join the Eco Reading Challenge group. Feel free to add all your acts of green. If you are not doing the Eco Reading Challenge, don't feel shy. Anyone who visits book-a-rama please feel free to join the group and add your acts of green. It all adds up!You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by signing up through this link.


Remember when I said I'd make some Tawashis to give away to one participant and the end of the challenge. Here they are:

Don't forget to add your reviews to the Eco Reading Challenge Review blog.


  1. Great! I've almost finished my first book but I wanted to do a tie-in with it and haven't had time. I need to go ahead and just do an overall update with my attempted acts of green. The tawashis look great! I really need to learn how to knit washcloths because the storebought ones are on their way out and the 2 knit ones are still going strong.

  2. Most of my "green acts" are just things that I've done since the drought in California back in the 70's. It was just what we were raised to do.

  3. Oh! I forgot to say how nice your Tawashi's look!

  4. Deb- A cotton handmade washcloth should last quite a while.

    Carrie- Thanks! I have been doing quite a few of the acts already too.

  5. Cool! I absolutely love the One Million Acts of Green website. So much fun!

  6. Just posted about this challenge today!


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