Read-a-thon: What I'll Be Reading

Inspired title, no? Ha ha!

Here are the books I'll be trying to read during the Read-a-thon on Saturday. I picked some shorter books this time. The mysteries will keep my attention, Oscar Wilde will entertain me and Heyer is a perfect romantic read. The Girl Next Door is new. The print is big so it should be quick. I really wanted to get Beyond the Heaving Bosoms but my bookstore doesn't have it yet. If all else fails, I still have shelves of unread books.

My husband tells me that he may have to work, which means I'll have the girly to entertain. I'm still going to do it and hope for the best though.


  1. You got good stuff lined up. Only two days away and I am yet to decide what to read!

  2. Yay! I've been hoping to hear you say you'll be participating this time around. We missed you last time.

  3. That's too bad that your husband may have to work, but I am sure you will have fun, anyways! Happy reading!

  4. I'm so excited for the read-a-thon I'm getting butterflies in my stomach. lolz.

  5. Sounds like you are ready!! Good luck and happy reading...I will be there right along with you :0)

  6. The Importance of Being Earnest hysterical; definitely a good book for the wee hours of the morning.

    Maybe your little girl could read with you, or you could read to her.

  7. Gautami- Still lots of time.

    Trish- Thanks! Can't wait!

    Kailana- I'll find a way.

    J.S.- Aw, it's all fun!

    Obsessed- See ya then.

    Bluestocking- I'll try but I might have to nail her shoes to the floor ;) She's quite active.

    Jackets&covers- I figure it will lighten the mood.

  8. I will have to be still looking after my son as well, so I am pretty sure that I will be distracted at least some of the time!

  9. oh, good old oscar! i just finished reading TIOBE with my senior class...the wit is too much! love it...enjoy the challenge!

  10. I so wish I could participate in this, but alas...I have to work! October is always bad because Chad has football games every Saturday. Who knows? Maybe just once I'll get a chance to read along with everyone else.

    Good Luck!!


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