The I Suck At Challenges Challenge: Update #4

It's May 1st tomorrow; 3 months down and 2 to go.

So how are we doing this month? Not too bad for me although the month really flew by. I did manage to read a few books for my challenges. I finished Alias Grace for both the Dewey Reading Challenge and The 2nd Canadian Books Challenge. The Uncommon Reader, done, for Dewey's Reading Challenge. During the Read-a-thon I managed to start and eventually finish Cousin Kate for The Love of Reading Challenge. So it looks like this:

The Canadian Books Challenge: 7/13
Dewey's Reading Challenge: 4/5
The Love of Reading Challenge: 3/5 (Ended April)

I'm not sure if I'll be able to read 6 books for the Canadian Reading Challenge in the next 2 months when it ends, but I took my last book for Dewey's Reading Challenge out of the library: Stardust. I'm confident that I'll finish that one.

The Love of Reading Challenge ended this month and I'm 2 books short. Let's have a moment of silence for that one... sigh... I did try.

But wait! I started my own new challenge: The Eco Reading Challenge. At this point, it's a challenge to get participants. I'm willing to let anyone who wants to read any number of books join. Smacks of desperation, I know but I'd like people to join and not be worried about the number of books. 1-5 is okay! Just sign up.

Now for you all reading along for this challenge. Since we're nearly there, let's make this our mantra: "I think I can, I think I can." Maybe you need some visual help. Here's The Little Engine That Could.


  1. I have a hard time with challenges...I am way behind where I want to be in my own reading challenge for WWII books.

  2. Some challenges I am doing really good on, but others I haven't even started yet! lol I guess it just depends...

  3. Here's how I'm doing (like Kailana I'm doing stellar in some but there are plenty I have yet to start):

  4. Here's my update - not going too badly I guess!

  5. Serena- Being behind in your own challenge is no fun but keep at it.

    Kailana- I don't know why I have a hard time with the Canadian one. I love Canadian books but I'm always behind.

    Jodie and Marg- Thanks! I'll check them out!

  6. I'm not doing too bad either, but I have pretty much lost hope for 3.

    Here's my update:

  7. I've (finally) posted my update.

  8. You're doing great! Just hang in there! Keep your pace steady and you will make it. I am in way over my head with challenges but I am determined to finish them all, or at least 90% (I am in 20 challenges, oh my!). I tend not to read books that are all in one challenge, but space them out, so it looks like I am going slower than I am. But we'll get there!