The I Suck At Challenges Challenge Update #3

"As God as my witness, I will read again!"

Time for another "I Suck at Challenges" Challenge Update!

Last month wasn't such a great challenge reading month for me. I ended up reading mostly ARCs that I agreed to read. In fact I only read one challenge related book, Year of Wonders for the Dewey Reading. Not one book was read for The Canadian Books Challenge or The Love of Reading Challenge. Sigh...

But, I will not give up. I already started Alias Grace for the Canadian Books Challenge. This will be my 7th book. I'm also going to pick up Uncommon Reader from the library today for the Dewey Challenge. I will have the determination of Scarlett O'Hara this month- without the mean streak. I will start reading my challenge books again!

So it looks like this:
The Canadian Books Challenge 6/13
Dewey's Reading Challenge 2/5
The Love of Reading Challenge 2/5

So my friends, how was March for you? Did you complete any challenges? Are you flying along? Or were you grounded? Maybe like me you need the will of a fictional character to get you through. Who would you choose? Tell us.

Remember tomorrow is another day.

Leave a link to your update post. Thanks!


  1. LOL!! I love that picture of Scarlett with her fist at the sky! She's definitely one of my favorite characters - in book form but especially onscreen. Loved this post. I'm still reading 'March' by Geraldine Brooks for the Dewey Challenge - and I've got five more to read by the end of the year. At this rate, I'll be lucky to do it...

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  3. Not every month can be a great challenge month - so good thing today is a new month and hopefully you can get in more challenge books!

    I read a lot of review books last month but was lucky that I could fit most of them into a challenge somewhere.

  4. Good luck with your challenges! :)

  5. just one more reason i have yet to partake in a challenge. to me, it's challenge enough to make it to work on time each day... :)

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  7. Julia- Hang in there. I'd love to read March. One of these days.

    Kris- That always helps!

    Kailana- Thanks!

    Booklineandsinker- Challenges are...challenging. lol

  8. I not only didn't complete any challenges, I dumped the Canadian challenge, declared myself 100% Unchallenged and even made a button saying so, which I stuck in my sidebar. I know, pitiful. But, it's kind of a relief. I'm definitely terrible at challenges.

  9. I haven't completed any challenges yet...but getting along steadily. I've been reading a book a month!

  10. I posted a little update today. I haven't completed any challenges yet, but making progress slowly but surely. :-)


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